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請家長在報名前細閱以下內容 Please read the following details carefully before enrollment

更新日期 Last updated:31 MAY 2022
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課程資料 Course Details
對象 Ages:K2 and above (接受公眾報名 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC)

內容 Content: 由專業教練親自主教,透過專業武術練習,訓練學員平衡、身體協調及增強體魄。從課堂中學習禮儀、自理能力及團隊精神。長遠目標為挑選有潛質學員作專業訓練及參加各項公開大型比賽。
Training in balance, coordination and physical conditioning through martial arts exercises and instruction by professional and qualified instructors. Develop a sense of etiquette, discipline and team spirit while picking up a belt or two. Participants may be encouraged to participate in public competitions to further their practice.

時間 Time:逢星期六 (舊生-下午4:00-5:45, 新生- 下午5:45-7:00)
Saturdays 4:00 - 5:45 for returning students and 5:45 - 7:00 for new students

地點 Venue:青衣體育館
Tsing Yi Sports Centre

費用 Price:$1600/ 16堂 + $300道袍(上第一課時直接支付教練)
$1600 for 16 lessons + $300 for a set of karate uniform (to be paid directly to the instructor on the first lesson)

上課日期 Dates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vR_g8T9cjciA96lZXglY8EaD-325Tj_HDS3euGW3914ENUuIizx-Cq4-yrYAo6BkNVwrBCNowchlZ0k/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true

Watch our student win Bronze at the Hong Kong Karate Youth Open here: https://youtu.be/faC1p8wa1Gk
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