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How many times have you been back to campus over the last 3 years?
How many student shows have you seen on campus over the last 3 years?
Are you interested in having any contact with your organizations? If so, please list in which format.
Please check all that apply. If you check that you'd like to be contacted, please put your preferred method of contact (email or address) in the Other column. PLEASE NOTE, we will be passing along your information to the relevant arts groups.
Were you aware that in 2006, Penn opened the Platt Student Performing Arts House, a 13,000 square foot rehearsal, work and social space that also has a cabaret stage in the former Stouffer Dining area?
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Have you visited the Platt Student Performing Arts House?
Please list any events you've attended. One event per line. If you've attended no events, please write "NONE"
Are you interested in receiving more information about the following topics?
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Social Events for Penn arts alumni
Networking events for Penn arts alumni
Performances of performing arts groups
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Which performing arts organizations were you affiliated with at Penn?
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Would you be willing to assist current students in the following ways?
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by serving on panels for students for careers in arts & entertainment
by conducting performing arts workshops for students
by serving on the Platt House Advisory Council
by serving as an informal mentor for students
In some other manner.
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Anything else you'd like to tell us?
If you'd like to share anything relevant to your time at Penn as a member of an arts organization, here's where to do it.
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