Immigrant Connection's Virtual Shadowing Experience
Immigrant Connection has helped hundreds of individuals gain experience along the path of providing church-based immigration legal services.  We realize a lot has changed since 2014 when our first Immigrant Connection site was launched.  At one time, our 40 hour intensive on-site shadowing experience provided the needed experience in immigration law and program management.  Now, a more on-going and longer term experience is needed.  

We firmly believe that nothing beats ongoing, on-site, practical work in an existing DOJ recognized legal office.  But we also realize there are two major obstacles to this approach alone: 1. Geographic limitations - sometimes you may not be close enough to an existing site to gain daily or weekly experience over several months and 2. Case type limitations - even on-site experience can be limited to only consultations and intakes or only doing a certain type of case (refugee adjustments or only naturalization cases, etc).  IC's Virtual Shadowing Program will allow you to gain experience right where you are.  Over a 6 month period, you will gain experience across a wide range of case types and each month will go through 4 or more full cases - from consult, to filling out forms, to preparing cases for filing (cover letter, forms, etc).  You are able to do the work at your own pace, with your own schedule in mind.  Everyone is different and learns at a different rate - some participants may be get through all the work on a case in 1-2 hours while others may take more.  By signing up and getting access to our program, we ask that you set aside the needed time to go through the casework need as they will prepare you for the future amount of time it will actually take to work through various case types.

There is a rolling enrollment in this program.  There are 6 sessions and you can start at any time with the monthly session we are on.  Every month, we will schedule a Zoom call for the participants to go over questions and progress and answer any questions.  This call will be scheduled based on availability of participants and is a required part of the experience (if a recommendation letter is expected after completion of the experience).  Finally, IC's Virtual Shadowing Program alone is not enough experience for accreditation.  It should be viewed as a part of larger experience that a participant is receiving through local shadowing and/or in intensive on-site shadowing experiences.

Once you register for IC's Virtual Shadowing Program, we will send you an email within a week of registration giving you access to the content.

Any questions about Immigrant Connection's Shadowing Program can be directed to Zach Szmara at
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Immigrant Connection's Virtual Shadowing Experience is based on a "rolling enrollment".  If you register before the 7th of the month, you will join that month's session,.  If you register after the 7th of the month, you will start the 1st of the following month.  IC's Virtual Shadowing Experience is 6 Sessions and you can start at any time and will join the rest of the participants during that month's session.
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