Call for "tree cookie" sampling sites
University of Minnesota researchers are looking for sites to conduct additional sampling! We are comparing historic growth rates of buckthorn, honeysuckle, and native forest trees across the state. How can we compare trees' historic growth rates? By cutting them down and counting the rings in their wood, of course! We are asking for your help to find sites that meet the following criteria and are places where we could cut down some trees for sampling.

1) Contains either common buckthorn or glossy buckthorn 6–12 feet tall, or honeysuckle at least 4 feet tall
2) Also contains native tree species 6–12 feet tall within 30 feet of at least one of the species from above
3) Is a wooded area owned or managed by you
4) can be visited by our team later this summer

If you own a property with trees that can be sampled, provide your information here and we will contact you.
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Thank you for your interest in research by the University of Minnesota's Department of Forest Resources!
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