New Community Workforce Development Center Student Safety and Health Survey
My classrooms look nice *
They take good care of the school grounds *
They keep the building clean *
Students help make decisions *
Teachers care about the students *
Teachers are very respectful of students *
Teachers let me know when I’m doing a good job *
I have a good relationship with my teachers *
I’m comfortable talking to a teacher about my problems *
I feel safe *
When students have an emergency, they can get help *
Even people who are different are respected *
Have you seen a student with a gun on campus? *
Have you seen a student with a knife on campus? *
Has someone threatened to hurt you? *
Have you had your property stolen or damaged? *
Have you been bullied? *
Has someone sexually harassed you? *
Has someone been mean because of your color or race? *
Has someone been mean to you because you were different? *
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