ED recovery group application

Hi there! Are you wanting additional support in recovery from an eating disorder?
We (Libby Parker, MS, RD & Colleen Werner) are offering group coaching for eating disorder recovery, Colleen will be your main group leader. If you are interested, keep reading, and apply to be in this small group!

Coaching is about helping you find your "why" your motivation to recover, and helping you with accountability to make it to appointments, work on goals, and follow up on treatment needs. We focus on the here and now struggles.
Your coach(es) will be providing education and support - we want to help you get back to LIFE, not stay stuck in the ED mindset.

You just need to commit to showing up in the hour-and-a-half long video calls (confidential, other than to the others in the group - we will not be publicizing names or any identifying information), and be willing to share, learn, and encourage others.

Ready to get on with recovery?
Apply using the form below.

DEADLINE: depends on when a session is starting - let us know your availability below

PRICE: $199 for 6 - 90 minute sessions (3 months)

REQUIRED: Agree to terms and services outlined at this link (please read before filling out form):


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Everyone who is in coaching must agree to some basic legal terms which can be found at the link below. When you agree to participate I wil have you sign a copy of this.
Thanks for filling this out! I look forward to reading your responses, and will get back to you shortly. ~Libby
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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