Deer Population Control Survey
The City of Hines and the City of Burns have taken steps to participate in a pilot program created by ODFW to control the deer population found in each City. This survey has been created to gather public understanding and sentiment for the program. These links explain the ODFW program:

Basic rules of the ODFW program:
1- Cities must pass an ordinance making it illegal to feed the deer.
2- Cities must pass a resolution declaring that the deer are a nuisance.
3- Cities petition ODFW for kill permits necessary to reduce deer population levels within city limits.
4- ODFW will designate the dates when the take is allowed, determine the number and sex of deer to be taken, and issue the appropriate kill permits to the City.
5- The City will designate areas within city limits where deer are to be taken, determine the manner of taking deer, designate an agent(s) with appropriate authority to take deer.

This proposed process is controlled and under strict guidelines of ODFW.

PLEASE ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. This will allow us to conduct an accurate survey. Thank you!

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