21st Century Fall Virtual After School Program
RAPCS and 21st Century presents our highly interactive, energetic, fun, and educational FALL VIRTUAL AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM. Our Fall Virtual After-School Program starts September 28, 2020 to December 11, 2020. Programs are Monday-Friday from 4PM to 6PM. From the comfortable of your home, have the best fall experience with RAPCS. We encourage our students to participate in our programs. You do not want to miss out! Please sign up for the program(s) spots are limited and will fill up fast. Below is a list of our programs, descriptions, days, and times:

1. Tutoring - Students can get additional support with some of their favorite RAPCS staff, and a few new faces.
Monday - Thursday 4PM-6PM

2. RAPCS Newsletter- Student will produce monthly newsletter with current events for RAPCS and the community.
Thursday -4pm-6PM

3. Health and Fitness- Students and families will dance, step, and practice traditional workouts while practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques
Monday and Wednesday- 4PM-6PM

4. Entrepreneurship- Students will learn what entrepreneurship is. The different types of businesses and the structure of businesses. While learning the difference between for profit and nonprofit organizations. Students will also be challenged to come up with ideas for their own businesses based off of skills or talents that they currently have. Parents are also welcomed to join in on our sessions.
Tuesday and Thursday 4PM-6PM

5. Art - Cultural activities that use painting and crafts to allow participants to express themselves
through visual, tactile, and audio learning.
Thursday 4PM-6PM

6. Computer Programming- A comprehensive technology workshop that opens the door for participants to learn coding, graphic design, website construction, and gaming.
Monday 4PM-6PM

7. Spanish- For students who really yearn to become bilingual and understand how languages build culture.
This program also teaches how language barriers can be broken and healed.
Monday 4pm-6pm

8. Acting & Video Production- An introductory course into the world of television and film. Through the lens of the mind and the camera, each participant will learn how to transform ideas into thorough short films.
Wednesday 4PM-6PM

9. Music Culture - An interactive course that studies music through a holistic view, and how it affects our culture
and behaviors. Students will break lyrics of popular songs and underground works for
comparison. They will analyze different genres and artists through time to decipher what ties
vibrations together.
Tuesday 4PM-6PM

10. Rites of Passage- A program designed to heal and build young men into leaders of their generation and the next. Learning how each member of a village has responsibilities and accountable to the community.
Wednesday 4PM-6PM

11. Elegant Ladies- This program will give young ladies an opportunity to gain self confidence, knowledge with self care, and learn proper etiquette.
Tuesday and Thursday 4PM-6PM

12. Do it Yourself- Students would learn how to complete simple household repairs with little to no help.
Wednesday 4PM-6PM

13. French- For students who really yearn to become bilingual and understand how languages build culture.
This program also teaches how language barriers can be broken and healed.
Monday and Tuesday 4PM-6PM
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