Disney Heroes Tier Listing Survey
This is the place for those who cannot make it to the live streams, or if you have something that you definitely think needs discussing. We really would love everyone's opinions, especially from more experienced players!  Obvious troll responses will be ignored. YOU DON'T NEED TO FILL OUT THE ENTIRE SURVEY, ONLY ANSWER WHAT YOU HAVE INPUT ABOUT! Thank You!
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Do you think a hero should move up OR down on the tier list? and why
Do you think a friend disk label needs to be changed on a hero? For who?
Do you think anyone needs either an R, Y, or B meaning they are really good for invasion boss fights. Explain why!
Do you think anyone needs a C, H, or D, meaning that they are very good for Codebase, Heist, or Defending in PVP. Make sure to list the character(s) and the letter so we know what you mean!
Do you think a hero/heroes needs to be shaded red or a friend disk shaded blue? This means that they are SIGNIFICANTLY worse if they do not yet have their red skill unlocked or have the shaded friend disk (preferably to max stars, but not necessarily).
Finally give a sub to bendy, or at least drop a like on his videos. I hope you feel like you have been able to contribute. Will you give bendy support with his channel?
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