Yosemite Manifesto on RDF as a Universal Healthcare Exchange Language
[Group position statement of the Workshop on RDF as a Universal Healthcare Exchange Language held at the 2013 Semantic Technology and Business Conference, San Francisco.  It was named after the workshop's original conference room.]

1. RDF is the best available candidate for a universal healthcare exchange language.

2. Electronic healthcare information should be exchanged in a format that either: (a) is an RDF format directly; or (b) has a standard mapping to RDF.

3. Existing standard healthcare vocabularies, data models and exchange languages should be leveraged by defining standard mappings to RDF, and any new standards should have RDF representations.

4. Government agencies should mandate or incentivize the use of RDF as a universal healthcare exchange language.  

5. Exchanged healthcare information should be self-describing, using Linked Data principles, so that each concept URI is de-referenceable to its free and open definition.

  • David Booth, Ph.D., KnowMED, Inc.
  • Charlie Mead, M.D., MSc., Octo Consulting Group
  • Michel Dumontier, Associate Professor of Bioinformatics, Carleton University
  • Tracy Allison Altman, Ph.D., PepperSlice
  • Rafael Richards MD MS, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Olivier Curé, PhD,UPEM France
  • Stanley M. Huff, MD, CMIO Intermountain Healthcare
  • Emory Fry, MD, Cognitive Medical Systems
  • Karl Seiler, CEO and founder NUMO Health, a Modus Operandi, Inc. business
  • Tom Munnecke, Independent Consultant
  • Conor Dowling, CTO, Caregraf
  • (100+ more)  View all: http://goo.gl/o8BLz 

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