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Welcome to Pilgrim Covenant Church! 欢迎来到朝圣者圣约教会!

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- 请填写您的个​​人资料
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3. Who is your contact in PCC? 谁是您在 PCC 的联系人? (Leave blank if not applicable 如果不适用,请留空)
4. Any feedback, comments or suggestions? 任何意见或建议?
If you need assistance, please contact the following: 如果您需要帮助,请联系以下人员:
Eld Tan Peng Hui (长老) - 9459 4549
Dn Koh Kah Lam (执事) - 9819 7515
Dn Xie Xing Mao (执事) - 9172 7515
Dn Wilson Ong (执事) - 9729 1898

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