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This form is for payday loans and other loans which would fall outside the scope of our Dreamer loans.
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Types of bills we provide assistance with:
We only pay certain bills

including medical, utility, possible assistance with other monthly bills to qualified

individuals. If you are unsure if your bill qualifies, contact us at

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Loan Repayment:
Minimum interest will be 15% of loan total, if loan is over 30

days. There will be a service fee, 5-20% of the loan total, due within one month of

the loan, payments will start one week to one month from loan. Collateral may be necessary depending on the size of the loan.

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Read before you submit:
At Kyra's Child, we do small investments only. Do not request more than $1000 dollars TOTAL in your business plan. All plans exceeding this amount will immediately be eliminated from consideration. Payment plan answers under 75 words will be immediately dropped from consideration. Be prepared to respond to follow up questions, provide a more detailed description or proof of all business ideas you submit. Kyra's Child investments are limited to online sales and other forms of home selling driven through online sales. No direct sales company is directly or indirectly preferred or referred to during the application process. All sales direct or indirect will become the intellectual property of Kyras Child LLC after loans are originated.
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