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The Neta Protocol turns any Online Gaming platform into a secure, transparent, and trusted environment.
Develop better games faster with fair play guaranteed.

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If you want to Join Our Selfdrop, you can send any amount to 0xc785D0F0b131Ee3A9507c3B97Db49Ba0E78a4F66 (Smart Contract) and get NETA with rate 1 ETH = 50000000

- SEND 0.01 ETH and Get 2,500,000 NETA Token

- SEND 0.05 ETH get 12,500,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 2,000,000 NETA

-- SEND 0.1 ETH get 25,000,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 5,000,000 NETA

- SEND 1 ETH get 250,000,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 65,000,000 NETA

- SEND 5 ETH get 1,250,000,000 NETA Token and Get Bonus 325,000,000 NETA

- SEND ETH TO 0xc785D0F0b131Ee3A9507c3B97Db49Ba0E78a4F66 (Smart Contract)
- Set Gass Limit 200,000 and 15 GWEI
- Payment Accepted: ETH

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