ReFH 2 User Survey
The purpose of this short survey is to determine how satisfied you are with our ReFH 2 software and support. This information will help us in our continual drive for improvement.

We would very much appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to complete this.

Many thanks


Meeting your requirements
1. How easy have you found the software to use? *
2. How satisfied are you with the functionality of ReFH 2? *
3. We are planning the development of observed rainfall functionality within ReFH 2. Would this be of use to you and if so, could you provide a brief explanation of how you might use it?
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4. Is there any functionality or features that ReFH 2 does not currently provide that you would like to see? If yes, please describe briefly.
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5. How satisfied are you with the performance and reliability of ReFH 2? *
6. Please add any specific comments or additional issues here:
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How you're using ReFH 2
7. Please select all areas that you are using ReFH 2 for: *
7.1 Other areas of use:
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8. Please select all ways you are using ReFH 2: *
9. We currently provide annual subscriptions for installation on one computer, including a 5 for 4 offer. What alternative annual licence arrangements would interest you?
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10. If you have contacted WHS regarding any queries or problems, how satisfied were you with how your queries or problems were dealt with?
11. Please provide any further feedback regarding your contact with WHS.
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12. Would you be interested in a forum where users can discuss ReFH 2 and provide feedback? *
13. Are there areas of use you would like further guidance on? Please provide details.
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Final comments
14. Would you recommend ReFH 2 to a colleague? *
15. Your name
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16. Name of company
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17. We would welcome any additional or general comments you might have. Thank you.
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