Advantages & Disadvantages
Please use this form to enter an advantage or disadvantage for use in a roleplaying campaign. If possible, try to include a description of its impact on game mechanics; a purely psychological one which affects no skills or mechanics is a matter of roleplaying instead.

Please keep in mind that neither advantages nor disadvantages should be overwhelming; if a disadvantage is lethal no one will ever use it (you may want to enter it in the Chaotic Features form instead). And if an advantage is too powerful, everyone will want it - which makes it boring. Aim for something that adds interest and complexity to a character, without being fodder for minmaxing. For example, rather than eliminating the time or effort needed to study, Eidetic Memory gives bonuses to the speed of learning for skills which depend on the written word - if the character can get access to accurate books.

If your entry substantially duplicates a previous entry it may not be posted to the spreadsheet. By entering material here you give permission for it to be posted to Pete's RuneQuest & Roleplaying!. The author of each entry will always be credited.

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