Beezenbach70 Interest Check
A compact F-Rowless 60-70% board with Rotary Encoders and OLED screen.

Designed to be slim and compact while retaining dedicated arrow keys and the added functionality of dual rotary encoders.
The original goal of this design was to make a 65% board that didn't rely on hobbyist keycap sets to fit. (Don't worry, alternative layouts are still supported). A fullsized keycap set can cover the standard layout found on a 60%, but the Beezenbach70 adds the arrow keys and home/end pgup/pgdn cluster of a 65%. The lack of F-row keys allows the board to be slimmer than a standard 75% or TLK.

Supported layouts include ANSI, ISO, standard and Winkey-less/HHKB bottom row, stepped capslock, split backspace, and short right shift.

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