2023 Youth Action Board Application

Do you have the passion and ideas needed to help address youth homelessness?  

If you are ages 16 to 24 years old  and want to make a real change in Baltimore City for youth experiencing homelessness and unstable housing, then apply to be on Baltimore City’s Continuum of Care Youth Action Board. Members who are selected will work to help develop a plan for projects and services to reduce youth homelessness in Baltimore City. Youth Action Board members will be compensated for their time, and will receive development and leadership experience that can help build their resumes. We strongly encourage youth who are interested in becoming a board member to also recommend and share this application with a friend or fellow peer who may be interested in applying as well.  

Who we are looking for:

          •    Youth who have experienced housing instability, poverty homelessness, or have been involved in
                the foster care system, who can bring insight and their diverse experiences to help guide the work of
                Baltimore City to reduce and end youth homelessness. Housing instability includes staying in a  
                shelter, on streets, couch surfing with family/friends, not having stable nighttime residence, etc.
              The YAB values a diverse and inclusive culture and encourage applications from immigrants, persons                  with disabilities, members of the TLGBQ+ community, and people from other underrepresented and                      historically marginalized groups.

           •    Youth who can commit to attending meetings, outside work, and are willing to work as team to
                 accomplish the shared goals of the board.

           •    Youth who have ideas and passion for how to change services and available resources for youth
                 experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

What is expected of Youth Action Board members:

          •   Engage in community wide strategies to reduce youth homeless, including Youth Homelessness                          Demonstration Program (YHDP) https://journeyhomebaltimore.org/yhdp-about/ 

          •    Commit to two-year membership term

          •    Commit to following the YAB's By-laws and the expectations developed by the group

          •    Commit to at least 8 hours a month on YAB activities which include:
                      - Attending 2 YAB meetings a month; on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6-8 PM.
                      - Assisting with grant application reviews and  feedback, policy/advocacy work, outreach events                               and social media
Youth Action Board members receive:

           • Hourly stipends for attending meetings and participating in other YAB-related work

           • Leadership training on board management, and professional development experience from serving
               on a  board, and  being an integral part of the city’s work to reduce youth  homelessness.

           • Networking opportunities to meet with other youth and leaders in the city working to reduce youth

The process:  If you are eligible to apply and interested in joining the Youth Action Board, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. We will review submissions on an interim basis.

Applications will be reviewed by the current Baltimore City’s Youth Action Board. Youth who are selected for the Youth Action Board will be notified by email.  

If you have any questions please email: bmoreyab@gmail.com
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For each skill, please elaborate/give examples
How would you bring diversity to the Youth Action Board? This question will help us to make sure that we have a diverse group of young leaders.  

Examples might include: (race, religion, gender identity, language, national origin, are you a parent, marital status, part of the city you identify with, employment status, sexual orientation).
Describe your experience around homelessness, please select all that apply. Preference will be given to applicants who have experienced homelessness. *
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