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Adult graduates of the Bicycle Riding School get together, with a teacher, and ride together. We practice and improve our skills, and have fun riding together! Please see the FAQs below for more information.
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I understand that if I register and can no longer attend, I will notify Jenny ( or 508-641-8165) at least 36 hours in advance so that someone else can have my spot. If I "late cancel" (less than 36 hours notice), I will get put on the waitlist for the next ride I sign up for.
Completing this form does not guarantee you a spot on the ride. Jenny will send you a confirmation email letting you know if you're registered or if you're on the waitlist! THANKS - looking forward to riding with you!!
Alumni Ride FAQs:
What do we do?
We walk down to the bike path then ride as far as we can get in the allotted time. We usually get to at least Spy Pond (~5 miles). We also stop in an open space in between to practice more advanced skills like hand signals, standing, starting/stopping from off the seat, etc. Riders get to ride in a structured group and practice/further develop their bike skills. And, it's just fun to be with a group!

Do I need to bring my own bike/helmet/equipment?
We supply everyone with a bike, helmet, gloves, and pads. You're welcome to bring your own gear if you'd like. If you have your own bike that you want to practice on, we encourage you to bring it!

How much does it cost?
It's $30, with a sliding scale down to $15. We have the sliding scale so that everyone can participate regardless of income. The cost includes equipment and instruction.

What if I signed up but I can no longer make it?
Please please please, let Jenny know at least 36 hours in advance. There is usually a waitlist so if you sign up then don't show up/cancel late, someone else misses out on the opportunity. If you cancel in less than 36 hours, the next time you sign up for a ride, you'll be put on the waitlist (trying to do my best to make it fair!).
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