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You DID IT! You took action on moving forward with your online presence, business and yes, even your life! As I mentioned, this is one small way we can help you create CLARITY, and FOCUS on the right things to create, build and maintain success - online, in business AND in life!

Simply fill out the application below, and I'll review what you have, assuring we can help you, and then follow up with the next steps!

Thank you so much, Charly & the ISG Team

What would you like us to review for you? *
Please provide your website/blog address (ex:, social media page name/platform (ex: "Internet Mastery - Charly Caldwell II - Facebook") or anything else you'd like us to review.
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What are you struggling with *most* right now?
Examples: Not getting any, or the right people, contacting you from your website. Not showing up in search engines. Competitor is outperforming me online. Trying to figure out Social Media.
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3 months from now, what would be happening that would make you happy with your progress?
Examples: Getting 3 to 5 qualified people contacting me a week. Showing up online. Outranking my competitors. Having a good vision, strategy & plan *that is being consistently implemented* online.
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What are your top 1, 2 or 3 services, solutions or products you'd like to promote, online?
Examples: "I offer window cleaning, roof washing, and power washing - I'd really like to grow my roof cleaning business."
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Do you have any competitors that you feel are getting this right?
Be sure to list their business name and website address ("XYZ Window Cleaners, Inc.").
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If applicable, what are your service areas?
Please be as specific as possible. For example: "Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Naples" is correct, "Southwest Florida" is too vague.
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Anything else you think we should know?
Come on, just say it! Tell us what's on your mind, believe it or not, this really helps us help you! :)
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