RGS 2016 Showcase Request
REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS WED 11/09 AT 11:59PM. We need a couple of details so that we can make sure that you get exactly what you need for your showcase at RGS this year. RGS will be on November 18th, 5-8.
Game Name *
What's the name of your game? We can fit most long names (35+ characters), but we'll shorten it if we have to at our discretion.
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Game Description *
What should we say about your game? Two or three sentences would be best.
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Team Members *
Who contributed to your game? Just a list of names is fine.
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Team Name
If you've come up with a name for your team, we'd love to include it. If you haven't that's perfectly fine too.
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Contact Name *
Who are we getting in contact with? This doesn't have to be a 'team leader', just someone who will be able to respond to us quickly.
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Contact Email *
If we need to get in touch with you, where should we send an email?
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What category does your game fall into? *
Tables Requested *
You'll need at least one table for your showcase, but if you need more we'll make sure you get them. Our tables are roughly 4' by 3', and chairs will be available for teams to grab the entire time. We should have more than enough of both, so don't hesitate to ask.
TV Request *
We will have 32" TVs available to showcase your game on. We should have around 20. Availability is first come first serve. The only connection type is HDMI (and a cable should be provided), however a limited number of adapters will be available as well.
Special Accomodations
Every showcase gets one table and a few chairs at a minimum. If you need more tables or chairs, we'll definitely be able to help. This is also a good place to let us know if you need two tables next to each other if you're involved in multiple projects. If you need special equipment like game pads or monitors, we can try to get them for you but can't guarantee we'll be able to. We'll let you know ahead of time what we can or can't do.
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