2019 PR Race Series Volunteer Form
This registration form is for those wishing to participate as volunteers for the 2019 Patrick Riddell Race Series. One registration form per person.

After the race series has completed, and the documentation requirements fulfilled, all information provide using this form will be deleted.

The Volunteer Coordinator for the Race Series is Andrea Szwajcer and the Course Director is Janette Rodewald. If you have questions about the race series, see the website: https://www.triathlonmanitoba.ca/event/patrick-riddell-run-series-1/ and/or contact triathlon@sportmanitoba.ca.

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Please give your first and last name
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Phone number *
If possible, provide a mobile number. All numbers must include the 3-digit area code.
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Age of Volunteer *
If you are 17 and under please indicate your age as of December 2019 in the Other category. If the volunteer is under 16 years of age, we will want to pair them with an adult for road marshaling responsibilities.
Indicate What Race Days You are Volunteering *
If you indicate 'tentative' for a given day, we ask that you confirm 'yes' or 'no' with the Volunteer coordinator one week prior to the race.
I can volunteer for that day
I can't volunteer for that day
Sunday, April 7
Sunday, April 14
Sunday, April 19 (EASTER)
Indicate your volunteer position preference (check all that apply) *
We will attempt to honour the preferences however we need road marshals (i.e. people on the course route managing traffic) above all other positions. Priority assignment will be given to filling those positions. If for some reason you cannot do road marshaling, state that with explanation in the Message to Coordinator section of this form.
Do you need a certificate for volunteering? *
The Volunteer Coordinator is happy to provide a certificate for volunteering with the number of hours you have contributed at race day. If you indicated that you have a specific form that needs to be completed (e.g. for credit for high school leadership course), the Coordinator will will follow up with you via email. Please try to provide it to the Coordinator via prior to race day.
Ask Questions or leave a message for the Volunteer Coordinator
FAQs for volunteers will be provided on the race event pages. Approximately 1 week prior to the race day, the Volunteer Coordinator will email everyone with a reminder and information about preparing for race day, meeting time, and communication procedures during the race. As stated in the position preference question, if you cannot road marshal, please state the explanation below.
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