Hello! Thank you for your interest in applying for the Innovation Committee for MUSE! I am very excited to read all you applications. I am looking for individuals who work very well in teams, but also strong independent workers. Make sure to recognize the two components to this committee:
- Groupwork: AMA Report (portfolio that we send in to AMA to continue winning the #1 Chapter in the World title)
- Independent Work: Think Tank style aspect that allows you to pursue your own independent project(s) given your niche skill(s).
-Example: Photography skill can lead to photography campaign via MUSE for Marketing Ethics, etc.
-Example: Writing skill can lead to blog on MUSE's accolades recorded and written about in real time

Limit responses to 250 words.


If you have any questions, please contact me (Edward) at

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What is a special or somewhat different skill you possess and how can MUSE help you exercise it? (This is where you talk about unique skills in Photography, Writing, etc. or you can switch it up and write about a personality quirk, idk have fun) *
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