Hubbard Library Young Adult Volunteer Application
For rising 6th-12th graders
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We can have two volunteers an hour. If you'd like to work with a friend, please tell us in order of preference the name/s (first and last) of any friends that you know are going to apply to volunteer:
To be answered by the parent or guardian: While volunteers generally work with an adult supervisor in their immediate vicinity, please be aware that there are times when your child might be working without direct supervision for a brief time (bringing things into or out of the building, for example). There are also times when they might work without direct supervision for longer periods (shelving books in the Youth Room while the librarian is outside, for example). They will be trained to know what to do if a supervisor isn’t there & are still expected to work their time. The library staff will make every effor to let you know if Youth Room staff are out sick, but be advised that they may not be able to in every circumstance. (Check one) *
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