Olive Grove Family Adventure 2021

Welcome to registration for the third annual Olive Grove Family Adventure (OGFA)! Due to the Covid Pandemic many are unable to travel and we are, sadly, unable to offer our regular 2 week Olive Grove kid's adventure. BUT, we are VERY excited to invite you to this year's Olive Grove Family Adventure. This retreat will offer families a chance to experience an OG-like adventure; with Word Studies for both parents and children, exciting electives, worship times, and other opportunities for family fun. There will also be plenty of free time for games, swimming, hiking, and exploring the beautiful nature of Çıralı. We hope you will be able to join us June 14-18, 2021 starting at 2pm.

We are excited to announce Jackson Crum as our guest speaker for parent's Word studies and some of our evening studies. Pastor Jackson served as the lead pastor of Park Community Church in Chicago for many years before moving to Turkey to serve those serving abroad. He and his wife, Donna, have been married for 40 years and have 2 married sons and 6 grandchildren! Whether it is about ministry life, relationships, parenting , or a myriad of other topics, Jackson and Donna have a wealth of wisdom to share with us and we are excited to have them join us!

Another exciting addition to our OG team this year is Amber Goodloe. Amber works with the phenomenal team at Olive Tree Counseling Center located in Antalya. She and the team there bless and minister to many families from all of over Europe and Asia. After spending 8 years as a youth leader for TCKs in China, Amber decided to pursue a counseling degree as a way to serve families living overseas. Since then, she has spent the last 8 years working as a professional counselor to adolescents, families, and adults in Colorado and no in Antalya. We are excited to have her with us to share during some optional afternoon seminars. She is also going to be available for families, adults, or youths to set up individual counseling sessions during free time hours. If you are interested in setting up a time with her please check the appropriate box below in the registration form. There is no extra charge.

Our adventurous program will go from June 14th at 2pm until June 18 after electives. If you register here please be prepared to be present for all activities within those times. An idea of our schedule is:

Monday, June 14
1300-1400 Arrive on site and move in
1400-1500 Register for Olive Grove Family Adventure
1500-1530 Opening Program
1530-1830 Free Time
1830-1915 Dinner
1930-2030 Evening Program

Tuesday thru Thursday, June 15, 16, and 17
0830-0930 Breakfast
0930-950 Morning Worship
1000-1115 Breakout Word Studies (Parents study and Kids/Youth Program)
1130- 1245 Elective Time (Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Archery, Sports, Crafts, etc.)
1300-1330 Lunch
1330-1730 Free Time (Optional Seminars with Amber from 16:30-17:30)
1730-1830 Big Group Games
1845-1915 Dinner
1930 Evening Program

Friday, June 18
0830-0930 Breakfast
0930-950 Morning Worship
1000-1115 Breakout Word Studies (Parents study and Kids/Youth Program)
1130- 1245 Elective Time (Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Archery, Sports, ect)
1300-1330 Lunch, pack, depart

** Please note there is no childcare provided for children under 7. Children 4-7 may join a sibling or one of the younger groups if parents/staff agree it is appropriate. Two weeks before OGFA begins, or when our max capacity is reached a group email can be sent out by OG staff to help connect parents of younger children if they would like to jointly hire a caretaker or prepare a rotational Babysitting schedule etc. Please mark the appropriate box on the registration form if you would like to be included in such an email.

OG Family Adventure Fee Information:

Registration fee per family: $50, non refundable.
This item allows us to print materials, transfer boats, kayaks and other large items, and transport staff to help bless you and your family, etc.
Program Fee (refundable): $250 per family. (includes the $50 registration fee)
This price includes all equipment needed for sports and leisure activities, art projects and materials needed for Word studies etc.. All payments are due by May 30.

Please complete the registration form below. This information will help us begin to prepare materials (like song books and crafts) and equipment (like kayaks, archery bows and rock-climbing gear) for you and your family to enjoy. Once you register you will be sent the payment details.

Due to the Covid Pandemic we ask that you make your own lodging reservations. Lodging on-site with Olive Grove includes your room and breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals from Monday dinner through Friday breakfast. Drinks and extras are not included.

To make reservations including the items above please contact one of the pansiyons listed below and let them know you are coming for Olive Grove to receive our special discount group prices as listed below. If you would like to come early or stay a few days extra, feel free, but please discuss price and meal options for the extra days, as they might differ from our group rates. We would even recommend and can help provide information for those who wished to do their own collective boat trip.

Our pansiyon partners are Ugur, Armina and Engin Pansiyons. These 3 beautiful options are run by 3 brothers who own property side by side; offering us easy access to areas for electives, meal times and each other. Please make your reservations as soon as possible as rooms are already filling up! Even though I am listing the websites for each pansiyon below, please make your reservations with Uğur Pansiyon for Olive Grove discounts. They will oversee reservations at all 3 pansiyons for our group.

Armina Pansiyon- Armina will be our main Olive Grove pansiyon. We are hoping to get most families to stay with this pansiyon as they still have availability. Armina offers pansiyon rooms and bungalows
Website: https://arminahotel.com/

Ugur Pansiyon- offers pansiyon rooms and bungalows. Currently very limited availability.
Website: http://www.ciralipansiyon.com/

Engin- offers tent camping (showers and bathrooms available) or pansiyon rooms.
Website: https://www.enginpansiyon.com/cirali-camping.aspx

Prices are per night for the room:

For a standard room
1 person: 300 TL
2 people: 450 TL
3 people: 600 TL

For a wood/bungalow room
1 person: 400 TL
2 people: 550 TL
3 people: 700 TL

For a family bungalow
2 people: 650 TL
3 people: 800 TL
4 people: 950 TL

For families with children 0-6 years old, 1 is free. Other children 0-6 are 80tl/day. Children 6-12 years old are 80 TL/day. Children 12+ are 150 TL/day.

Camping fee: 80 TL per person per night (includes 30 TL breakfast fee). Lunch and dinner will be an additional fee.

Please contact Uğur Panisyon for further information as needed. For help in English please contact Aydin (0 537 682 8628) at Uğur Pansiyon.

PLEASE NOTE: All information is required for each person attending. Questions for each child after Child 1 are listed as not required because not all families have more than one child. If you have more than one child, please fill out all the data for each child. If only one parent is attending, please write "0" for the required questions for the parent not attending.
Email address *
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Father's Name *
Father's Birthdate DD/MM/YY *
Father's Passport Country *
Mother's Name *
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Mother's Passport Country *
Child 1 Name *
Child 1 gender *
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Child 1 Date of Birth DD/MM/YY *
Child 2 Name
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Child 2 Age
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Child 3 name
Child 3 gender
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Child 3 age at time of OG
Child 3 birth day, month, year - DD/MM/YYYY
Child 4 name
Child 4 gender
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Child 4 age at time of OG
Child 4 birth day, month, year - DD/MM/YYYY
Please use this space if you have any additional children to list. Please include name, gender, age, date of birth, for each.
Preferred cell phone to contact *
Preferred email for communication *
City of residence *
Emergency contact: name / number *
We wish to be included in an email for parents with young children so we can coordinate childcare for them together.
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Would you like to be emailed about setting up a counseling session with Amber Goodloe during OG free time?
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Statement of agreement: We understand that Olive Grove Family Adventure (OGFA) operates under the auspices of the St Paul Cultural Center Dernek (Association). While lessons and challenges from the Bible constitute a vital part of the daily program, utmost respect for children and their families is a rule. No child, under any circumstances, will be pressured into or prevented from adopting or abandoning certain religious beliefs. Furthermore, the leaders of OGFA will do their best to inform parents of any significant spiritual decisions their children make or developments they undergo while attending OGFA. We understand that Olive Grove has an established program and set activities in which each child and adult is expected to participate.
Clear selection
We understand that Olive Grove (OG) Family Adventure has an established program and set activities in which families are expected to participate. Respect for this, for OG leadership, and for other participants is necessary for a positive, caring environment. We understand that we, the parents, are fully responsible for our own children at all times, except during morning Word Study. We agree to pay all fees in full and on time. We also understand that OG will not be responsible for our personal items that are lost or damaged. OG will also not be financially accountable for medical expenses accrued by any of our family members which happen during transportation to, from, or during OG. OG expects all participants to have adequate medical insurance coverage. We affirm that we do have proper medical insurance for our family and absolve OG of all liability. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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