How Can SAVMA Help? - COVID-19 Response
SAVMA wants to support and learn from our communities volunteer engagement professionals.
In an effort to do this, we have created a short 12 question survey with a focus on what your organizations and volunteer programs are experiencing during this time of uncertainty. We hope to not only hear your feedback and voice, but also find out what we can do the same or differently in the future for our programs IF a similar situation arises.
Thank you so much for the work you are doing to support your communities—work which can be even more challenging in these uncertain times. We're stronger together, and we appreciate your willingness to take this survey.

What kind of mission does your organization serve? (Check all that apply)
How many volunteers does your organization utilize on a regular basis?
How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting your organization overall? (Check all that apply)
Has your organization remained open at this time?
Has you organization continued to utilize volunteers if you have closed?
If you have remained open, what accommodations are you making for your volunteers to be compliant with social distancing?
Your answer
How have current conditions with COVID-19 impacted your volunteer attendance?
What are concerns you have heard from volunteers in response to the current situation?
Your answer
In what ways have you adjusted your volunteer engagement strategy given the current situation?
Do you require your volunteers to complete a background check before they serve at your organization?
If you are still utilizing and engaging volunteers, what kinds of tasks are they helping with?
Your answer
What are your biggest concerns with how this will impact your volunteer program in the future?
Your answer
Do you have any immediate or long-term needs that SAVMA can support you with?
Your answer
Would you like to share any resources that have helped you that we can share with other professionals?
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