EFCI "Get Together" Picnic 08-17-2019 REGISTRATION
* Event Timing:
10:00AM, 08-17-2019, Saturday

* Event Address:
William R Mason Regional Park Shelter 1, Irvine
(18712 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612 https://goo.gl/maps/apLhnfDoLG7cFXwN6)

* Event fee:
New Friend: Free
Adult: $10
Teen: $5
Kids 12 and under 12 : Free

* Parking fee:
$5 cash per car at the entrance

* Please register the form below per email per family

* Please register your GUESTS with the following link:

* Contact us:

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How many adults ( Over 18, include you) will join the picnic? ( New friends are not included) 請問有幾位超過18歲的成人會參加(不包括新朋友)? *
Congregation 堂會 *
How many teens will join the picnic? ( Guests' teens are not included) 請問有幾位13歲以上,包含13歲的青少年會參加?(新朋友不包括) *
How many kids under 12( include 12 )will join the picnic? ( Guests' kids are not included) 請問有幾位12歲以下,包含12歲的小朋友會參加?(新朋友的小孩不算) *
I understand that I will have to pay $10 per adult , $5 per teen to cell group leader or co-workers before 07/31/2019 請知悉:成人每位費用是美金10塊錢,青少年每位費用是美金5塊錢,請07/31/2019前繳交費用給小組同工。謝謝! *
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