Handbook Highlights for parents 2019/20
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Mission Statement
AOSR offers the best of an American-International education in a supportive learning environment. We inspire a diverse student body to courageously meet the demands of a changing world through an engaging and creative curriculum. (p. 4 MS, p. 5 HS).
Academic Honesty Policy
Cheating includes copying from others (other students or sources like books, internet sites) and using material on test, quiz or assignment that is not allowed. Having a cell phone visible is a violation and will result in a zero on test or quiz. Notice consequences for 1st, 2nd 3rd and that it is throughout a student's career here. Students don't get three offenses per year (p. 14 MS, p. 17 HS).
Strong attendence results in better grades. Except in special circumstances determined by administration, student absences that when totaled reach 20% of scheduled class periods will result in a possible loss of credit. This includes ALL absences - even for AOSR activities like sports (p. 18-20 MS, p. 24-26 HS).
Please note that students will receive detention for tardies, excused or unexcused, after the third one per quarter (p. 18 MS, p. 23 HS).
Co-curricular activities
Please note that eligibility requirements apply to all co-curricular activities such as sports, drama and trips where students could miss class (p. 21 MS, p. 26 HS).
Leaving campus
A reminder that once you leave campus at the end of the school day, you are not permitted to return. That includes sports practices which begin later in the day. This is a safety and security issue as we are responsible for you at all times. If there are extenuating circumstances, please see the Principal BEFORE you decide to leave and want to return (p. 22 MS, p. 29 HS).
Visitor on campus
If you are going to have a visitor on campus, besides asking permission you need to provide us at least 24 hours notice so we can make sure we have adequate time to inform teachers (p. 23 MS, p. 30 HS).
Bullying & Harrassment
We are proud to be a community with many nationalities, religions, cultures and races. Kindness and respect needs to be at our core. Behavior not in the spirit of kindness and respect, even if out of school time through social media, will not be tolerated if it has a negative impact in school. You may want to refer to the Instant Messaging, Email and Social Networking section here as well (p. 24 MS, p. 31 HS).
Electronic Devices
Must be turned off and away during classes and in the library unless given express permission by teacher/librarian. If seen in class it is taken and turned into principal to be retrieved at the end of the day. Principal will keep track on and second offense cell phone must be turned into office at start of day and retrieved at end of day. In MS listening to music only at lunch/recess. High school students may check between classes and during lunch (p. 25 MS, p. 32 HS).
Dress Code
Please insure that you dress in a respectful manner in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Handbook (p. 26 MS, p. 33 HS).
Nurse Visits
Students need a pass to go visit the nurse. Get a pass from your teacher before visiting the nurse (p. 37 MS, p. 44 HS).
We will practice evacuation and lockdown drills periodically throughout the year. Since one never knows when it is a drill or a real event, follow teacher directions carefully and remain calm (p. 40 MS, p. 47 HS).
We have continued to expand and improve access to and support of technology on campus. Responsible use which promotes learning is an expectation as detailed in the acceptable use policy (p. 40 MS, p. 47 HS).
I have read the AOSR Student Parent Handbook and understand and will do my best to uphold the philosophy and mission of the school. I agree to abide by all school regulations and more importantly, work to make AOSR a better place. *
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