Fremont Rural Fire Department Controlled Burning Permit
Phone: 402-727-4369 Fax: 402-753-0442
Address: 110 Boulevard St, Fremont, NE 68025
Open: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:30 am to 5:30 pm
(Currently closed due to COVID-19)

This permit is issued by the Fremont Rural Fire Department in accordance with Nebraska Statue 81-520.01. It must bear the authorizing signature of the Fremont Rural Fire Chief or of his/her designee. The Fremont Rural Fire Department assumes no liability in the event of injury or property damage resulting from the burning allowed by this permit. Air quality regulations may necessitate an additional permit from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ). Please contact the Fremont Rural Fire Department office for information about obtaining the NDEQ permit.

Residential and agricultural operation applicants do not need to obtain an additional permit from the NDEQ. Businesses and other non-residential or non-agricultural entities desiring to burn should apply for the additional NDEQ permit. The responsibility for submitting the NDEQ permit application rest solely with the burn permit applicant. The Fremont Rural Fire Department is not responsible for the submission or subsequent approval or denial of the NDEQ permit.
Location of burn *
Please use street address or closest County Road junctions (ie: Co Rd 17 & Co Rd T)
Burn Permit start date *
Burn permit will be valid for 30 days from date entered.
Property Owner First Name *
Property Owner Last Name *
Owner Phone Number *
Please provide full 10-digit phone number of Property Owner in 000-000-0000 format.
Person burning *
Please enter name of person burning if other than the Property owner. Please enter N/A if property owner will be doing the burning.
Burner Phone Number *
Please provide valid Phone Number of person doing burn if other than property owner. Please provide full 10-digit phone number. Please enter 000-000-0000 if property owner will be doing the burning.
Materials to be burned *
Non-Conforming Conditions *
If no non-conforming conditions please enter N/A.
Valid Email Address *
Please enter valid full email address (IE: If no email address available please enter N/A.
READ CAREFULLY BEFORE BURNING - Failure to follow these rules may lead to revocation of permit, citation and fines of $250.00 or more. Repeated offenses may lead to denial of future permits. By checking each box you acknowledge having read each condition and agree to each condition.
Applicant Signature *
Applicant must enter their full name (First and Last) to acknowledge responsibility. Printed permit is INVALID until signed by applicant.
Permit Acknowledgment *
Applicant must acknowledge they CAN NOT burn until approved permit is received, printed and signed by the applicant.
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