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These capsules are a combination of home-cooked food, music and stories/traditions that together provide a multi-sensory encapsulation of a holiday celebration, the memory of a person, or even just for fun.

We are collecting them online so that anyone, anywhere in the globe can virtually step into the shoes of others, via pressing play on a free playlist, cooking certain food, and experiencing a related tradition or story.

You can find examples, and more about the capsules here:

It should be noted that there are intentionally few rules to govern this project. Authenticity here means true to YOUR story/recipe/experience. This is notably different than the common, food-related use of the word authentic, where if someone says "authentic Mexican food," they are trying to give the impression that it's ancient food that has been passed down, completely unchanged, for generations. That's never true. There are as many recipes for goulash, carnitas and bouillabaisse as there are chefs. As it should be. There are Traditional recipes that have commonalities for a particular region, but all the variations are still authentic.

So without further delay! Share with us YOUR culture capsule to let us step inside your authentic tradition/story/existence, however you define it.

Is there an overarching theme or intention for what you are capturing here.
Perhaps it's a holiday, or a ritual, or a favorite vacation, or in memory of a loved one, or.... just cuz.
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A quick word about why it is important to you?
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Very briefly, what are the food(s) you are cooking and/or eating for this capsule?
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Very briefly, what music is associated with this capsule?
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Very briefly, are there any rituals or traditions associated with this capsule? Or a backstory as to how this Cultures Capsule came about?
... are you virtually transporting us to a favorite vacation? encapsulating the memory of a loved one? sharing your favorite holiday tradition? or...?
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