FBC Background Check Authorization Form
It is the policy of First Baptist Cadillac that all volunteers (18 or older) working with children will complete a background check once every two years.
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Are there any circumstances involving your lifestyle or your background that would call into question your ability to work with children or others? *
I hereby give First Baptist Church of Cadillac permission to do a criminal background check on me. I understand and agree that it is critical to the mission and ministry of First Baptist Church of Cadillac that all employees and volunteers conform to the highest standards of safety, interpersonal conduct, and sexual morality. I affirm that I will strictly comply with First Baptist Church of Cadillac’s policies and procedures including those concerning child safety and protection. I understand and agree that failure to abide by such policies and procedures may result in my immediate dismissal, and/or disciplinary action, all at the discretion of First Baptist Church of Cadillac. My responses above are truthful and accurate. I understand and agree that if they are not truthful and accurate, First Baptist Church of Cadillac may determine that I am no longer qualified to be associated with the programs as a church worker, employee, or volunteer in any capacity.I have carefully read and understand the release and sign it under my free will (by checking that you agree acts as your signature). *
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