If you can give the best description the of ARK Ecosystem in one block time, or 8 seconds, you can win 180 ARK! To our knowledge, ARK is the first blockchain project to do a contest like this. Good luck!
Win 180 ARK Tokens!
What is ARK? Well, we know ARK is easy for users to get started with crypto, easy for developers to launch their own customized blockchains, and easy for everyone to interact with other blockchains. The ARK mainnet is also FAST, with 8 second block times! Can you describe what ARK is in one block time? You could win 180 ARK tokens! Justin Renken, Communications Specialist and operator, will be hosting and judging the contest.
Who is Sponsoring the Contest?
This contest is sponsored by many generous 'delegates' of the ARK Ecosystem, who secure the network, create new ARK tokens, and provide unique services to the ARK community. There are 51 forging delegates in total on the network, and many more running standby nodes. The contest sponsors are, in no particular order, Delegate Fun, Delegate Deadlock, Delegate Rising_Sun, Delegate Pieface, Delegate Golden Horde, Delegate Foundry, Delegate Arkade, Delegate Yin, and Delegate Goose. Many thanks for their generosity and participation! You can learn more about delegates at and
How to Participate?
ARK is a diverse and complex ecosystem with many facets, features, and concepts. Justin is curious to see what people would say if they only had one block time (8 seconds) to explain it. What would they say? What would they highlight? Well, let's find out!

Submit your entry at the bottom of the form. You will write a sentence or two describing ARK as best you can. To test your entry, read your entry OUT LOUD to yourself to make sure it takes about 8 seconds to read. But don't speak too fast! Justin will disqualify entries that are spoken "too fast." It's up to you to figure out how fast is too fast. But don't sweat it, you can enter the contest as many times as you want, with as many different descriptions as you like!
Who Qualifies?
Delegates and team members can submit entries, but cannot win the ARK prize. Why? Because after the contest is over, Justin will make a presentation deck, Medium article, Reddit post, video, and podcast episode ( with all the (serious) entries. Because of that, Justin wants everyone who loves ARK to have a chance to make their voice heard. However, it would be coolest to award the prize to a crypto community member like you!
Can You Submit Multiple Entries?
Yes! You can submit multiple entries, like if you think an entry might be too long or if you want to focus on different aspects of ARK. Technically, it may increase your chances of winning, but at the end of the day, Justin is going to pick the entry he thinks is the Best of the Best, regardless of how many times someone entered.
Is the Judging Fair?
Yes, the judging is fair, because Justin will detach the usernames of the submissions before judging begins, to remove bias. Justin accomplished this by hiding the username column of the submissions spreadsheet. So Justin will not know who has submitted which entry until the judging is complete.
Does Spelling and Grammar Count?
No, it doesn't count. Justin will proofread all entries for spelling and grammar at the end, so your entries are published without errors. You will not be disqualified for bad spelling or grammar.
How Long Will it Last?
The contest will last AT LEAST UNTIL October 1st. Justin wants to announce the winner in the September Community Spotlight article. He also wants a "nice bunch" of entries. If all goes well, there will be a good number of entries, and winner announced at on Medium. If more time is needed, more will be given.
How Will the Winner Receive ARK?
You will provide your REDDIT USERNAME along with your entry or entries. The winner will receive the ARK prize via the ArkTippr Reddit Tip Bot, made by Delegate Cryptology. This means you can enter the contest AND WIN without having an ARK wallet set up at all! ArkTippr handles on-chain tasks for you, while managing independent wallets for each Reddit user for best security and trust. ArkTippr is a secure, fast, on-chain tip bot for Reddit that lets you send ARK tips and sticker codes to any Reddit user. The winner will also receive free ARK Stickers, delivered anywhere in the world. Learn more about ArkTippr here:
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