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From the earliest days of the Institute’s existence, MIT faculty recognized that extracurricular activities were vital to their students’ education.

To that end, MIT has always encouraged as many projects as students could dream up. One of the most significant academic innovations at the Institute was the creation of the Independent Activities Period (IAP). Four weeks of unfettered exploration, experimentation, and education - purely for the joy of personal enrichment.

For many MIT alums, IAP holds a dear place in our memories. A whole month to explore interesting topics, play with new ideas, compete in fun tournaments, and just get outside of our comfort zones.

For over 60 years IAP offerings range from astrophysics to chocolate truffle making, from the MIT Mystery Hunt to liquid nitrogen ice-cream, from lock-picking to "Charm School" from the 6.270 Robotics Competition to the most (in)famous 70s seminar that taught the rudiments of card counting - “How To Gamble if You Will” by the Blackjack Club which later was fictionalized into a two bestselling books and a movie.

Here at the MIT Club of Northern California, we look to recreate a IAP ...just for 1 day and are planning to host a variety of events for our alumni to bring back the excitement novelty and joy of IAP.

We have a beautiful, large venue in San Francisco on January 22, and we want to host a variety of events for our alumni. We're looking for volunteers to propose activities to host during the event. The sky is the limit! You're welcome to teach a skill, or just show off something cool and exciting.

Location: TIM's Garage Pop-up location at Colorbloq (435 Brannon Street, #101, San Francisco, CA, 94107)
Date: January 22
Time: We will be there 9am to 8:30pm. You're welcome to do an activity as short as 5 minutes and as long as the full 13 hours.
Who we're looking for proposals from: We welcome anyone to propose an activity. As long as you have something interesting to share, we want you!
Who will be attending: MIT Alumni and their guests. We're expecting between 150 and 200 participants throughout the day. You can decide what the min/max is of your proposed activity.
Publicity: We will be promoting this event to MIT alumni in northern California through our email list, alumni Slack, and social media. The earlier you get your proposal in, the more promotion your activity will get!
Cost: We want to offer this as a community service and would prefer activities that don't require registration costs. However, if your activity requires some material fees or nominal donation, please let us know and we can try to make that happen!
Are you in?
We would love you to fill out this form to tell us about the activity, workshop, talk, demo, contest or whatever else you want to host! If you want to host more than one activity, please fill it out multiple times (sorry, we're low tech this time).

Or if you're still not sure what you want to host, just fill out the name/email/phone and we'll help you design a fun activity!

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