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Application Photo Requirements
Photos should be unedited and unfiltered. At least one picture should include the date.

Nude Full Frontal : please be fully erect and include the date somewhere in the photo (a piece of paper with the date written on it works perfectly fine)

Nude Side Profile (each side) : please be fully erect for these photos and make sure any side/arm tattoos are visible.

Nude Back And Butt Photo : this is to complete a 360 view

Clear Face Photo : please smile (teeth showing), and make sure your entire face and hair is visible ( no hats or glasses)

If you have a beard, please include a clean shaven photo (does not need to be recent). Please note whether you'd be willing to go clean shaven or not if asked, as it may be a condition to hiring.

You can include no more than 3 photos or a video of your liking as well that depicts your look and personal style.

Template for male models
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