Stitchery Stories Listener Survey
I would like to find out more about how and where you listen to Stitchery Stories, what you like about it, and anything you would like me to change, or add, or do?
And don't worry, this is totally anonymous - I am not collecting any personal data, not even your email address.
This is not some excuse for marketing.
I genuinely want to hear your views and opinions
THANK YOU for taking the couple of minutes to help me ensure I am serving you.
Cheers, Sue Weeks xxx
How long have you listened to Stitchery Stories?
How did you discover Stitchery Stories?
Have you listened to all the episodes?
Do you listen all the way through each episode?
If you don't listen all the way through each episode.. why not?
Your answer
What device do you usually listen on?
How do you listen to Stitchery Stories?
Where do you typically listen?
How do you know when a new episode is released?
Are you signed up for the Fan Club newsletter
If Yes, Do you open it and read it?
Were you previously signed up for the Fan Club then unsubscribed? Why did you unsubscribe?
Your answer
Is there anything you would love to see in a newsletter from Stitchery Stories?
Your answer
Do you visit the Stitchery Stories website
if Yes, what do you do there
Is Stitchery Stories the FIRST podcast you listened to?
Do you listen to other podcasts?
If YES, which ones?
Your answer
What do you like the most about Stitchery Stories?
Your answer
What don't you like about Stitchery Stories?
Your answer
What would you like me to change, add, or remove?
Your answer
Are the episodes
What do you think about having one or 2 relevant advertisements within the episodes
would you like to see some video content too? Maybe facebook lives or live on Youtube or Instagram?
In which country do you live?
Your answer
What age range are you?
Is textile art your hobby or your business?
if it's your business, would you like to learn more about how I can help you with online 'techy stuff such as creating online courses, or selling stuff online for example?
Your answer
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