Strategic Consultant - Marketing Supplement
This is one of the two supplement portions of the application for Corp Marketing. You must submit the general section of the application as well as a supplement in order to be considered. You need not submit both Marketing supplements, only submit for what you are interested in.

Prior experience is not necessary.

You may send a portfolio detailing past projects or any other marketing related materials or experience you have worked on to This is not necessary for consideration, and we have a training program in place for new hires.

Students of Georgetown, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. The Corp and its services are not an enterprise of Georgetown University.

The application process is anonymous. Those involved in the hiring process will not be given names, email addresses, or any other identifying information. Please do not include names or identifying information in essay answers.

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(Option 1:) What tools and skills do you bring to the table and what are you excited to learn about? How would you apply these skills in relation to the marketing field? If applicable, outline your experience with data analytics. (Option 2:) Tell us about a project you have worked on that you are proud of and what went into your planning process. *
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The Corp is deciding to open a new storefront. You are tasked with helping the company predict its market viability and create a marketing strategy for its launch. Outline your approach below. How would you measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy? Outline specific metrics for each component of your campaign. *
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