Gleeden Survey
How old are you ?
In which CSP are you in ?
What is your gender ?
Are you in couple ?
Do you know any dating website ?
Your answer
Have you ever been on one of them ?
If not, why ?
For which use would you use them ?
What image do you have of adultery websites ?
Do you know Gleeden ? (
According to you, what would be the typical image of a Gleeden's user ?
What would attract you in such a website ?
How much would you be ready to pay per month ?
Would you risk yourself in using these websites ?
Would you be afraid to be caught on this kind of websites by someone you know ?
If yes, for which reason ?
What do you think about adultery ?
Do you think these websites could be a solution if your couple is going bad ?
Do you think adultery websites are shocking ?
Your answer
Do you think there is a difference between Adultery and Libertinism ?
If yes, which one of those is less shocking according to you ?
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