Studio 76 Application 2018-2019
Please keep your responses under 200 words. Several of these are writing positions, so use your best grammar. When answering questions 1-6, think about your first position choice. To receive a waiver you need to have a 2.5 GPA and be a full-time student with Utah residency. (If you don't meet those criteria, talk to Drew)

Look here for for more information about each position.
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Must be over 2.5 to be awarded tuition waiver. YOU MUST ALSO BE A FULL-TIME STUDENT.
More detailed descriptions of these opportunities can be found at
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Which is your first position preference?
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Which is your 2nd position preference?
Third Position Choice *
Which is your 3rd position preference?
If you selected 'Other' above, what position are you suggesting?
What skills/talents do you you have, that will benefit the group, but that aren't utilized by one of the above positions?
Question 1
1. What have you learned during your time at Studio 76? If you haven't been a part of Studio76, What past experiences have prepared you to work for S76?
Question 2
2. What have you learned about yourself as a person during your time at Studio 76 or in the past 2 years?
Question 3
3. What would be your top two goals as a staff member? What would you need to do to accomplish these goals?
Question 4
4. What weaknesses do you perceive in yourself that you would like to work on as a staff member?
Question 5
5. Time management is a critical part of our productions. How will you balance your duties as a staff member with school, work, social life, etc.?
Question 6
6. What talent, skill and/or ability will you bring to help us move to the next level?
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