2016 - 2017 MMP Returning Mentor Application
All mentors are expected to:

• Maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average as well as a minimum 2.5 GPA each semester.
• Enroll in the Counselor Education 205: Peer Mentorship and Student Development course to assist them in developing helpful skills for their role. Students can enroll prior to being selected as a mentor or within two semesters of becoming a mentor.
• Meet with assigned mentees at least once a month. This should occur in a flexible non-judgmental manner.
• Attend monthly meetings, seminars, events and community service projects. 4 unexcused absences will result in a review of that mentor and possible termination of membership within MMP.
• Actively participate in at least one committee (membership, social, community service, success skills, fundraising, or public relations).
• Acquaint their mentees with faculty/staff who may assist them in their endeavors.
• Maintain confidentiality concerning mentees.
• Assist students in solving academic as well as personal problems and utilizing university resources when necessary (Counseling center, academic services, housing, etc.).
• Attend and participate in the MMP training program at the beginning and end of each academic year.
• Assist in recruiting new and reliable members.
• Participate (when needed) in general outreach programs such as new student recruitment and Open House through the Office of Admissions.
• Develop a caring and supportive friendship with all incoming students, especially those assigned to them.
• Serve as a resource person for MMP and the Office of Multicultural Student Life as it relates to incoming students.

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