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Thank you for your interest in submitting your music, spoken word, or other inspirational piece to Boston Come Through Radio Show.


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--> All submissions are original content.

--> Only 1 item will be submitted per form.

--> Multiple forms may be submitted in the case that the artist has more than 1 item to submit.

--> There is no limit to the number of forms an artist submit.

--> Submitting your content does not guarantee that it will be played on the air.

--> This form is NOT a submission to be guest on the show. (Guest Form can be found Here:

--> All content is clean and/or profanity has been edited out for radio. Please communicate if profanity is part of the creative nature of your content.

--> All rights to music & other content provided to Boston Come Through must be obtained PRIOR to submission of this form.

--> Boston Come Through, Boston Free Radio and Somerville Media Center will not be responsible for any repercussions resulting from failure to obtain the rights to content provided.

--> Boston Come Through will tag the artists' appropriate social media handles, websites and links relating to music provided.

--> The Show Airs Live on Wednesday's at 9pm on Boston Free Radio. (

--> Live feed of the show can be found on Boston Come Through Facebook Page (

--> Additional inquires can be sent to show hosts via email at

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