July 8th 2017
2017 Waterboro 30th Annual OHD Parade
Parade will be starting on McLucas and traveling down Old Alfred Road to the Massabesic Middle School
**********PARADE REGISTRATION FORM**********
Bring your creativity to the Saturday morning parade!
Pick a decade and go wild. We are celebrating the decades for our 30th annual Old Home Days!
Line-up begins at 9 a.m. on McLucas (this may change)
Parade begins promptly at 10 a.m.
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Safety Requirements:
Float Vehicles:
• Stabilized props on a float should not exceed 12 feet in height or width. Objects may exceed these
requirements only if they can be controlled to allow proper maneuvering with regard to traffic lights,
telephone wires, corners and spectators.
• Floats, including tow unit, must not exceed 55 feet in length. The float must be designed to maneuver
the several corners along the parade route without delaying the forward motion of the parade or causing
potential hazards.
• Float beds must be sturdy and capable of carrying the weight to be imposed.
• Float vehicles should be properly registered and insured.
• The float vehicle must be properly serviced for gasoline, water, oil, brakes, tires and battery prior to
entry into the parade. NO extra gasoline, other than in the vehicle’s tank, can be carried on the float
• Floats must have a minimum of 12 inches ground clearance from the frame. Nothing can drag on the
roadway from the float. Proper clearance of materials from around the wheels of the vehicles must be
incorporated to avoid any materials being caught in them.
• Decorative material and the parade structure must be kept clear of the exhaust system of a motorized
• Portable generators must be used carefully. Do not allow the heated exhaust to come in contact with the
parade float. Do not overload temporary electrical wiring (an electrician should do all float wiring).
Secure extension cords properly; do not let them drag on the ground, contact tires or the drive train.
Inspect your electrical appliances before energizing the parade float.
• Portable generators shall be secured to the parade float. Refueling
of generators will not be permitted.
• If music is part of your float, this must be included in your event application. The music must maintain a
volume that will not interfere with other participating parade until while in the line of march. Applicant is
solely responsible for obtaining permission for the use or perform in conjunction with the special event of
any material copyrighted under state or federal law. Applicant must ensure that all necessary licenses or
other permissions to use or perform copyrighted material, including performance of live or recorded
copyrighted music, are obtained in advance of the special event. (If you have submitted a special permit
application this will be covered)
• The use of Animals is prohibited, unless approved through the permit process.
Parade Safety Precautions
• Towing vehicle drivers shall possess a valid driver license.
• The towing vehicle and float shall each carry an approved 5 lb Type AB fire extinguisher.
• Drivers shall have a clear field of vision that encompasses 180 degrees and provides a view in front
and to each side of the vehicle.
• The towing vehicle shall have a functioning horn and brakes that are in good working order. In
addition, the vehicle shall have been properly serviced with oil, water, and fuel. Extra gasoline shall
not be carried on the float.
• Towed floats shall have safety chains attached to the towing vehicle.
• Parade floats should maintain a 30 foot interval between other entries in front of them.
• All sitting float riders shall remain seated and use restraining belts, if available. Standing float riders
shall have body support and firmly grasp hand holds and rails.
• No person shall jump off or onto a moving float.
• Float riders shall not throw candy or other items to spectators. Candy or other items may be
distributed to spectators by hand from parade participants walking along side the float.
• Float riders shall not spray water or other fluids at spectators.
Float Drivers:
• Floats must be escorted to and from the parade site. If they are not escorted, proper running lights should be
attached to the float vehicles.
• Drivers must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and be adequately trained to drive their
float. Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
• Once the float is in position in the assembly area, a driver and representative must be in attendance at all
times in the event there are questions, problems or if the float needs to be moved.
• Be sure that the operator (driver) has a clear field of view. The driver must have a wide field of view to
avoid other floats and the crowd. If you have to backup
your parade float, have sufficient personnel to
guide the float.
• Motorcycles – All motorcycle drivers and passengers must possess an "M" class license. All drivers and
riders must be wearing a safety helmet approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.
Float Riders:
• NO ONE will be permitted to ride on the float as it is being transported to and from the parade site.
• No children under 12 will be permitted to ride on a float without adult supervision.
• All passengers standing or sitting on the float must be wearing a safety belt or have handholds or other
support while the float is moving.
• No riders will be allowed to ride on the edge of the float. Any float with riders or articles hanging over
the edge, before or during the parade will be subject to removal from the line of march.
● If a performance is to occur on the float, the vehicle must come to a stop before the performance
starts and remain stationary until performance ends.
• All children under 16 riding a bicycle, must wear proper safety equipment including a helmet at all
Fire Safety Recommendations
• The fire extinguisher must be mounted so that it is accessible to the operators. Do not obstruct the
extinguisher with decorative material to hide its location.extinguisher must
• Open flame devices are prohibited on parade floats. The use of fuel fired torches, candles or similar
devices which can ignite the parade float are prohibited.
• Fireworks are not permitted to be discharged.
• No smoking on or near any floats at any time.
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