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No Shelf Control: Books, Booze, & Banter is a biweekly podcast hosted by authors for readers.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Each episode features a different guest. We chat with other authors and book bloggers about all things bookish!

HOW IT WORKS: This is a podcast, and your interview will be conducted via a video chat hangout session with Lindsey Pogue and Lindsey Fairleigh.

- We'll announce each author interview in our No Shelf Control Facebook group so that readers can post their burning questions ahead of time, and we'll choose a few to ask our guests during each episode.

- We'll interview each author the week before their air date which always falls on a Monday.

- We REQUIRE you to share your interview with your readers via newsletter, social media, etc. and provide the link to our Facebook group to post their reader questions IN THE GROUP ONLY. We understand that readers are also wanders and sometimes they'll do what they like, but having all of the questions in one place is easiest for us We will not hunt down reader questions from various locations.

GENRE: The sky is the limit! Romance, Sci-Fi, sweet and clean - you name it, we want to talk to you! This is all about exploring new books and hanging out with like-minded folks to share a laugh and a drink together.

BOTTOM LINE: We want this podcast to be fun for all readers! There's quirk and sass (and probably too much cursing, but hell, we're only human), so check us out!

Fill out this form if you're interested in stopping by, and Lindsey Pogue will be in touch!

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Shelf Indulgence - Book Club: Are you interested in participating in our "Shelf Indulgence" program? This provides listeners your book at a discounted cost to help bring in a new audience for you. Each month we post a list of our upcoming guests, info about them, and the series we'll be discussing. We include the first book in their series available for them to read at a discounted cost prior to the interview . **This is not required, however, if you "enroll" in this program you are agreeing to discount your book for either the month you are being interviewed OR specific dates leading up to it, which we provide our participating readers. Our goal is to help expand your audience, AND engage our listeners by giving them discounted stories to devour in order to post questions for us to ask authors during the interviews. In short, it's just more fun, but in a strategic way :) *
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