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Chorus Registration Terms - Please read and acknowledge below.
As a member of the Peninsula Community Chorus, I understand that I will be an integral part of a vocal group that is dedicated to the art and pleasure of creating good quality music.
I agree to the following:
• To show proof of COVID vaccination at my first rehearsal sign-in.
• To perform all activities in accordance with properly authorized COVID-19 requirements.
• Regularly attend rehearsals. If unable to attend I will email the Director.
• Properly care for printed music scores provided to me and return of same at the end of season. I understand that the cost of lost, damaged, or non-returned music may be billed to me. All markings on music will be made lightly in pencil so they may be erased as needed.
• Pay the full amount of registration no later than the third rehearsal. I understand that there will be no refund after that date.
• A release for use of my photos taken during program participation from all and any claims and demands resulting from their use in program publicity.
• I will have a digital device, such as computer, tablet, or mobile phone to participate in any rehearsals done on Zoom. Additional software for rehearsal or practice at home will be available at no charge.

Hold Harmless Clause:
• To the extent allowed by law, I hereby absolve the Peninsula Musical Arts Association, the City of Foster City, the Estero Municipal Improvement District, the San Mateo-Foster City School District, Transfiguration Episcopal Church, Island United Church, their officers, employees, agents, independent contractors and programs and activity instructors from all liability that I or any member of my family attends.
• I have taken care to enroll at a program level appropriate to my physical abilities and/or medical condition. I understand that the above named activity may involve risk or accidental injury and hereby voluntarily assume such risks.

Note: All singers must present an official COVID-19 vaccination card at the first in-person rehearsal attended, showing their final vaccination was administered 2 or more weeks before the rehearsal date.
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