2018 Fall and Winter FMHL Registration
Welcome to the FMHL sign-up form for the 2018 fall and winter seasons!

Please fill out a separate registration form per team (only per team and not per season).

Players may only skate in one league unless approved by Scott Perrault.

We will do our best to fulfill your requests (such as the league you're in, the team you're on, or the other players on your team), but we can't guarantee that your requests will be met.

Spots in each league may be limited, so we will create the rosters based on who has paid first as opposed to who signed up first.

Cost Table:

Fall Winter Both
Skater $200 $200 $350
Goalie $125 $125 $200

- 11-Man Team: +$50 per skater per season (goalies are exempt)
- Multiple Teams: Contact Scott
- Other: Contact Scott

You may only take advantage of the multi-season savings if you pay for both seasons up front.

Payment methods available are:
- Cash/Check: Mail your check to Scott Perrault, 525 Hillcrest Dr., Findlay, Ohio 45840.
- Credit Card: We will have a credit card reader at your first game. This option will cost an extra $5 per roster spot per season.

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USA Hockey Confirmation Number *
In order to sign-up for the FMHL, you need to first register with USA Hockey at the following website: https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action. Your registration is good for the 2018 fall season through the 2019 summer season. After you've registered, you will receive a confirmation number which you will need to enter below.
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Have you played in the Findlay Men's Hockey League before? *
If you haven't played in the FMHL before, please provide a brief summary of your prior hockey experience.
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Season *
If you want to register as a rostered player on a team, select the appropriate season. If you only want to register as a sub, select Sub. You do not need to register as a sub if you register as a rostered player.
Payment Method *
Check/Cash must be received at or before your first game. Credit card payment must be made at your team's first game. Using a credit card will cost an extra $5 per roster spot per season.
Please list any players/teams that you wish to play with for carpooling or other purposes. We will do our best to fulfill your requests, but we can't guarantee that all of your requests will be fulfilled.
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