Grand Hack 2016 Participant Survey
Dear Hackers,

Thank you for your participation in the Grand Hack 2016!

MIT Hacking Medicine is the team that organized this event. We are a team of students and volunteers. We plan this event on top of our full-time jobs because we love getting inspired by you. You all are AMAZING.

We raise money so that the event is free to you, spend nights carefully screening applications to ensure the best possible mix of people, and weekends meticulously planning every detail that you experienced. We do this because we love sparking connections and building up the health innovation community.

What keeps us doing this year after year is hearing feedback that these hackathons are having a positive impact on your lives. If you had a positive experience this weekend, please let us know. Tell us about a moment that was really good. Tell us about what you learned. Stories like these are why we volunteer our time.

At the same time, our team is hungry to improve. Please tell us your ideas for things that can be improved next year.

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the Grand Hack and we especially thank you for your thoughtful comments to our team.

We can't wait to stay in touch and see where you go from here!
The MIT Hacking Medicine Team
What is your name?
Please feel free to leave this blank if you would prefer to remain anonymous.
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What were your favorite moments from the Grand Hack?
Did you have a great experience with a mentor? Was someone on our team particularly helpful? Did you meet a really cool participant? What did you learn this weekend? We want to hear all about it! Stories like these are what keep us volunteering our time.
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Do you have any feedback on how we could improve the Grand Hack next year?
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How was the quality of mentorship you received overall? *
Mostly unhelpful
Very helpful and insightful
Approximately how many mentors or staff helped you with your project over the course of the 3 days?
We're trying to get a sense of how many mentors/MIT HackMed members you interacted with over the course of the weekend. Don't count the encounter if you just asked a HackMed member about pizza but definitely count it if you had a conversation about your project.
Your answer
Was the mentor queue useful?
Not helpful at all (it got in the way of receiving mentorship)
Extremely useful
If you opted into it, was the Grand Hack texting service useful?
It didn't help me at all
It was very useful and a good way to receive information
Which of the following Software Tech Resources did you find useful?
Was this your first healthcare hackathon? *
Would you participate in a healthcare hackathon again? *
What was your overall experience at the Grand Hack? *
Waste of time :(
I had an amazing time and learned a lot!
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