El Zócalo's Volunteer Opportunities - Temporarily Limited - Read below

HELLO! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Volunteers have always been an essential part of our work, but unfortunately we are having to significantly limit volunteer opportunities for the time being.

As our work has become more in-depth and ongoing with the immigrant community we serve, we have shifted to a model of working with longer-term interns and volunteers, who commit to serving approximately 10 hours a week for a 3 month season, allowing us to build the relationships necessary for the long term impacts we work for.

The application for seasonal intern and volunteer positions can be found at this link: https://forms.gle/gLxa694DGCgZscD59 (Please note, the application is updated seasonally. If it has not yet been updated for the next season, please email us team@zocalocenter.org and let us know of your interest in applying).

Our current short-term volunteer opportunities primarily focus on providing childcare during our Children's Program which enables parents to learn and participate in services. We sometimes need volunteers during our monthly open houses and special events, as well as picking up delivers and organizing donations. On occasion, we work with volunteers who have a specific technical skill to offer, such as graphic design, non-profit capacity building consulting, legal expertise, or mental health/social work expertise.

Volunteers, supporters and friends of the organization can also help support our work through hosting a fundraiser, or sharing about our work with others.

If you are interested in our shorter term volunteer opportunities, please complete this form.

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Direct Service Volunteering
We love our work directly with the immigrant community, and understand the desire for volunteers to engage in this way. Please check the activities that most interest you below. Please understand we may not be able to be in touch right away, but it's always good to know whose out there and interested.
Which direct service volunteer roles would you be interested in?
Please describe your level of Spanish-language skills?
Technical Expertise:
Please describe any technical skills or expertise and describe your interest in offering this in service to El Zócalo. May include graphic design, non-profit capacity building consulting, legal expertise, mental health or social work or other?
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Supporting our Organization to Grow
Please describe any of the following ways to support that may be possible and of interest to you.
Would you be willing to host an event at your home that someone from El Zocalo would attend that brings people together to learn about the issues and make the connection?
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Would you be willing to discuss with your community of faith or civic group the possibility of having a guest speaker from El Zocalo or other ways your church/group can explore being allies with immigrants and El Zocalo?
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Would you be willing to serve as an informal social media ambassador, regularly sharing our social media and e-newsletter content with your online networks?
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Would you be interested in considering committing to a seasonal internship or similar position (involving a 3 month commitment of 6-10 hours of volunteer service a week)?
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Filling out the following questions will help us get a better idea of you and your interests for volunteer placement.
Why you are interested in volunteering with El Zócalo?
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Describe the amount of time that you could commit and your general time availability.
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References - Required for Childcare roles
Please provide 1-3 personal or professional references. Please include name, phone number, email and how you know them. We want to double check that volunteers are trustworthy and reliable. Friends, colleagues or teachers who have previously volunteered, collaborated with, or supported El Zócalo make great references
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Frequently Asked Questions - Please note some of the volunteer activities referred to may be on pause, but you may still find some relevant information here!
Can I practice Spanish by volunteering with El Zócalo? Generally Yes, Nearly all our programs involve Spanish and we generally encourage you to engage to the extent you're able. However, there are times when it is best to communicate in English, such as some of our ESL programs, when working with ethnically mixed groups, or when doing outreach to the general public

Do I have to speak Spanish to volunteer with El Zócalo? No, many volunteer positions do not require it. Those that do are marked

When do you have volunteer opportunities? We have morning, evening and weekend activities where we utilize volunteers

Can I bring my children with me while I volunteer? Generally Yes, there are some exceptions, so give us a heads-up first via email.

Can I come by the center and meet with you before volunteering? We prefer to use this form as an introduction that opens the doors to communication and questions. Checking out our website and Facebook page is also a great way to learn more about our work. Generally volunteer shifts listed include time at the beginning to get oriented and ask questions. Let's start here and if there are any special circumstances we can make time for talking in more depth.

Can I donate items to El Zócalo? Yes, we accept donations of gently used clothing for men, women and children, small household items, toys and basic educational and office supplies. You can bring them with you if your volunteer position is at our space.

Can I do an internship with El Zócalo? El Zócalo offers internships through an application process and places interns at the beginning of the spring, fall and sometimes summer semesters. We generally prefer interns to have a formal contract through their school, but occasionally take interns without this. We create a formal application prior to each semester and link it to this form. Feel free to email us for more questions in-between.

Can I receive school credit for volunteering? Yes, if you apply and are selected for an internship.

Can I receive service hours? Yes, please let us know, preferably in advance, that you will need someone to sign off on your hours. You are responsible for bringing any materials that we need to fill out.

Are you a 501c3 non-profit organization? Yes

Can I volunteer if I am a minor? We are generally open to receiving volunteers age 15 and up. It is preferred that younger volunteers are accompanied by a relative, teacher or friend.

Any other questions or comments?
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