OERs for Open Adult education
Dear stakeholder in the field of digital adult education,

ALL DIGITAL is leading a KA2 project entitled OPEN-AE. The OPEN-AE pursues to promote OS technologies in non-formal Adult Education to support the digital upskilling and reskilling of educators and learners.

• Find out more about OPEN AE: https://all-digital.org/projects/open-ae/

The background for this project comes from needs identified by those working in the field of digital inclusion including re-skilling and upskilling unemployed adults, a need to integrate more open-source technologies

As the curriculum for the OPEN AE curriculum develops, we invite all stakeholders in the field of Adult Education to share their Open Education Resources.

What is the name of the OER/good practice and who is the author? Please provide a link if possible.
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Please briefly describes the OER taking into account its typology, aims, activities, outcomes.
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In what language/s is the resource available?
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In what educational setting can this resource/good practice be used?
What is the most suitable target group for using this resource/good practice?
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