Participant Application: Ecological Impacts of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Geoengineering Workshops
We invite postdocs and graduate students to apply for spots in NSF-funded workshops titled, "Workshops on the ecological impacts of solar radiation management geoengineering." The workshops bring together climate scientists and ecologists to address how solar radiation management (SRM) geoengineering could affect ecology, including species distributions, biodiversity, and ecosystem functions and services.

Anticipated outcomes of the workshops include: developing a research agenda on ecological impacts of SRM; peer-reviewed publications presenting analyses of ecological responses to SRM scenarios; and identifying research synergies among the fields through special interdisciplinary sessions at conferences.

View the NSF award summary here:

Co-organizers of the workshops include: Jessica Gurevitch (Stony Brook University: and Phoebe Zarnetske (Michigan State University:

Current members of the workshop include:

Jessica Gurevitch (Stony Brook University)
Phoebe Zarnetske (Michigan State University)
Janet Franklin (University of California at Riverside)
Peter Groffman (City University of New York and Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies)
Cheryl Harrison (University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley)
Jessica Hellmann (University of Minnesota)
Forrest Hoffman (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee)
Alan Robock (Rutgers University)
Lili Xia (Rutgers University)
Simone Tilmes (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Jin Wu (University of Hong Kong)
Cheng-En Yang (University of Tennessee)

The in-person workshops will occur twice in the next 2 years and will consist of 15 members total. The first workshop will be held in Port Jefferson, New York on Long Island on March 18-20, 2020. Funding is available for successful applicants to travel within the United States to attend both meetings. Members of the workshops will also meet regularly online.

Graduate students and postdocs are eligible to apply. Members of under-represented groups are especially encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will be notified by January 31, 2020. Please direct any questions to the co-organizers:
Jessica Gurevitch: jessica.gurevitch [at]
Phoebe Zarnetske: plz [at]
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