Senior Molecular Biologist
Company Description
At Biomeme we make things. We make hardware; we work with biological organisms; we hack smartphones. We're looking for passionate people who are skilled with their hands and have impeccable attention to detail. You should be a fast learner and not afraid of tackling challenges both big and small. No task is above or below your pay grade.

Biomeme is as interdisciplinary as it gets. We combine rigorous biology and chemistry with best-in-class hardware and software engineering. It's all wrapped up in sublime user design, with the goal of helping our customers enact real-world change. Guided by data and a belief in the iterative process, we develop elegant solutions to complex problems that demand precision.

Our partners and customers span a wide range of industries across the US, Latin America, Africa and Europe. We've got great traction in health: we're testing for STD's in Philadelphia, Malaria and Ebola virus in Africa, Avian Influenza in Europe, veterinary targets in the Andes and Lyme disease in the US. Outside of health, we have partners in industrial water monitoring, aquaculture, agriculture, conservation biology and more. High school students are testing for mislabeled sushi. Quantified Selfers are tracking their microbiome. Everyday users are even testing their own DNA for genetic markers.

We also recently began work on a multi-year, multi-million-dollar contract with the US Government. It's a good time to come onboard.

Center City, Philadelphia, PA 19107
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Full Time
Mid/High Level
Graduate Degree
Job Description
Biomeme seeks a Senior Molecular Biologist to become an immediate and valuable contributor to the Biology team. Senior Biologists at Biomeme serve cross-functional roles, with significant time at the bench in R&D and equally significant time interfacing with clients.

- Development of multiplex Real-Time PCR assays, from target selection through to laboratory validation in both regulated and non-regulated markets
- R&D support for Biomeme's nucleic acid sample preparation technologies for a variety of sample matrices
- Data management, processing and display
- Grant / publication writing
- Project management / client interaction
- Creation of SOP's and other documents in support of our quality management system (ISO 13485)

- Strong experience in Real-Time PCR methodology for both DNA and RNA targets (intercalating dyes, hydrolysis probes, molecular beacons, etc).
- Strong background in other molecular biology techniques and workflows
- US Work eligibility
- At least 5 years' professional experience
- Excellent attention to detail
- Strong organizational abilities
- Great communicator
- Friendly, articulate and interested in working in a fun, fast-paced startup

-Experience in working with large datasets and writing code for analysis (Python preferred) is a plus
- Knowledge of regulatory requirements for diagnostic assays
- Background in microbial biology

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