2019 One-Night Event Application for The Carrack
Use this form if you are seeking to use the Carrack for a one-night event January - May 2019.

This application is for one-night (or day) only events, happenings, performances that can happen concurrently with art exhibits. One-night events are curated to correspond with the rest of The Carrack’s programming, where possible. We prioritize ideas that are open and engaging to the public, and are rooted in creative cultural practices or progressive ideologies.

If you want to host a private event, please email director@thecarrack.org and we can tell you about renting the space.

To apply, please complete all of the sections below.

Once you start, you *may* move backward and forward through the application without losing your work.

It is recommended that you develop your responses in advance and then copy-and-paste them into this form when you are ready to submit (rather than writing your submission content right here in the form).

Please keep formatting simple.

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