Greater New Jersey Open Letter to Bishop John Schol and the Way Forward Team
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"As many of you as were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ." Galatians 3:27

We are clergy and laity in GNJUMC. Among us are those who identify as LGBTQIA+, as well as allies and advocates, each of us baptized into Christ, called forth from the waters into Christ’s ministry in the world. We are outraged by the deepening spiritual, emotional and physical trauma inflicted upon LGBTQIA+ persons by the actions of the United Methodist Church, both historic and current, that refute that claim. We lament the harm that has been done and we dissent from the decisions made by the General Conference. Silence is complicity and we will no longer remain silent.

The actions we deplore and hereby refuse to abide by include:

-The expansion of the exclusionary language found in our Book of Discipline for the last 47 years.
-The creation of policies that have prohibited LGBTQIA+ persons to be fully engaged in all areas of ministry.
-The prohibition of funds to support LGBTQIA+ ministries.
-The decisions of the 2019 Special General Conference in support of the Traditional Plan which increased restrictions on the commissioning and ordination of LGBTQIA+ clergy and strengthened punitive measures against our clergy who perform same-gender weddings.
-The vitriol of the 2019 Special General Conference. That is not who we as a church are called to be.

Acting on our Wesleyan values of personal piety and social holiness, we commit ourselves to the ongoing resistance of theological positions which exclude and deny access to the means of grace of ordination and marriage to LGBTQIA+ persons.

We believe that God calls us to live into the fullness of who God created us to be which includes our sexual orientation and gender identity. We affirm and celebrate the ministries of LGBTQIA+ persons, which are made richer by their unique experiences and identities.

We implore our District Committees on Ordained Ministry and Board of Ordained Ministry to recognize and affirm the gifts and graces of all persons. We call on Bishop John Schol to consecrate, commission, ordain and appoint all qualified and elected candidates for ministry without regard to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We stand with clergy and congregations who follow their conscience and provide pastoral care and leadership to all people and do not discriminate. This includes affirming clergy who celebrate covenant commitments and perform marriages per their conscience and their calling.

We recognize that the United Methodist Church demonstrates great diversity in matters of biblical interpretation. We hold to a critical-historical interpretation of scripture, and we reject biblical literalism and proof-texting, especially as these methods of interpretation are often unduly harmful to marginalized communities.

We reject the exclusionary language in the Book of Discipline and the recently adopted Traditional Plan as it is incredibly harmful to LGBTQIA+ persons, goes against the Wesleyan General Rule of "Do No Harm," and is patently antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We therefore commit ourselves to sacred resistance and faithful activism to uphold the dignity of all of God's beloved children and further the rights of United Methodists throughout the connection.

Further, we call upon the Bishop and the Greater New Jersey Way Forward Team to:
-Resist complicity in systemic injustice,
-Commit themselves to a process that proclaims the sacred worth of all,
-Lead towards an outcome that actualizes the full participation of LGBTQIA+ persons in the life of the United Methodist Church.

Signed by,
(* indicates laity. Form is below signatures)

Rev. Dr. Drew Dyson, Extension Ministry
Rev. Kaleigh Tomich Corbett, Frankford Plains UMC
Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett, Drew Theological School/Covenant UMC
Rev. Thomas Lank, United Methodist Volunteers in Mission - Northeastern Jurisdiction
Pastor Jessica Winderweedle, Kingston UMC
Rev. Jessica Campbell, Hamilton UMC
*Bobbie McArdle, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Joseph Monahan, Medford UMC
*John Murphy, Pearl River UMC
*Grace Rapp, PEUMC
Rev. Kate Hillis, UMC Madison
*Brian Mickle, First UMC Glassboro
Pastor Dawn Maffetone, Rockaway Valley UMC
*Dean Hiatt, Sparta UMC
*Geraldine Poranski, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Jessica Naulty, UMC of Red Bank
*Olivia DiAgostino, Madison UMC
*Donna Huang, MUMC
*Robert Schotter, Sparta UMC
Rev. Dr. David Wiley, Retired
*Kate MacLennan, Haddonfield UMC
*Lynne Benson, Centenary UMC - Berlin
*Edward Martin, Haddonfield UMC
*Betty Sayner, Waterloo UMC
Rev. Heather Valosin, Denville Community Church
*Barbra Barrar, Fellowship UMC
*Judy Hopkins, Christ UMC - Piscataway
Rev. Jaemyoung James Lee, Wesley UMC South Plainfield
Rev. Dr. Larry Oksten, St. Peter's of Ocean City
*Music Director Maria Sottile, Hamilton UMC
*Kevin Vanderaa, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Jean Nightingale, Denville Community Church
Rev. Bobbie Rambach, Retired
*Jane Ehlers, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Megan Atkinson, FUMC Collingswood
Rev. Earl Kim, First UMC of Montclair
*Gina Matthews, Medford UMC
Rev. Gabrielle Martone, Central UMC of Linwood
*Lisa Kulp, First UMC Moorestown
Rev. Jeff Edwards, Parsippany UMC
*Gina Matthews, Medford UMC
*John Bennett, St. Paul's UMC
*Janice McCrostie, Denville Community Church
*Sharon Payne, Medford UMC
*Teri Bell, Turning Point UMC
Rev. Elizabeth Mallozzi, Retired from Extension Ministry
Rev. Laura Steele, Hopewell UMC
*Rachel Agnello, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Mike Hertl, Morrow Memorial UMC
Rev. Cyndi Stouffer, UMC at New Brunswick
Anonymous Clergy Advocate
*Heather Fizur, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Jeanette Block, Cape May UMC
*Youth Director Jessica Tilton, Hamilton UMC
*Laura Matecha, Titusville UMC
*Erica LaRocca, Medford UMC
*Youth Ministry Leader Christine Souza, Grace UMC
Rev. June Tamburro, Bridgewater UMC
*Lay Leader Jennifer Antoncich, Succasunna UMC
*Dr. Janet Stafford, First UMC, Somerville
*Bondette Tangen, Grace UMC
*Diana Berenter, Bridgewater UMC
*Tom Davidson, UMC Red Bank
*Nancy Gagnier, Morrow Memorial
Rev. Amanda Hemenetz, UMC at Mt. Tabor
*Jacquelyn Williams, Haddonfield UMC
*Jennifer Foster, UMC Red Bank
*Marie Vogel, Haddonfield UMC
*Nadine Mack, FUMC of Moorestown
Rev. Ayn Masker, Fellowship UMC
Rev. Luana Cook Scott, Milford UMC
*Beth LaRocca, Medford UMC
Rev. HeyYoung Horton, First UMC Moorestown
Rev. Lyssette Perez, UMC of the Rockaways
*Barbara Fehrs, UMC of Red Bank
*Marion Kleiner, UMC of Red Bank
*Carrie Kitze, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Anonymous Advocate, Laity
Rev. Dr. David Lehmkuhl, First UMC of Somerville
*Cath Kanen, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Dr. Marilyn Hughes, St. Peter's UMC in Ocean City
*Anonymous Advocate, Laity
*Anonymous Advocate, Laity
*Barbara Savino, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Betty Merring, Belvidere UMC
*Victoria McGrath, FUMC Moorestown
*Patricia Gritzan, First UMC of Moorestown
*Lianne Fermi, UMC of Red Bank
*Aimee Letsch, Parsippany UMC
*John Bate, St. Peter's UMC
Rev. Dr. William Noll, Hamilton UMC
*Jamie Donnelly
*Jee Hei Park, First UMC of Montclair
*Kelsey Rapp, Denville Community Church
*Barbara Spencer, UMC of Red Bank
*Virginia Halkenhauser, Denville Community Church
*Robin Foster, UMC of Red Bank
*Gregory Elbin
*Mindy Kemp, UMC of the Rockaways
Rev. Dr. David Mertz, Sergeantsville and Neshanic UMCs
*Elyse Halpern, Denville Community Church
*Joseph Murray, Embury UMC
Rev. Christina Zito, Retired
Kim Burse, Frankford Plains UMC
*Merryl Dietz, Grace UMC Wyckoff
Rev. Jennifer Lovallo, UMC at Newfoundland
*Gerald Tamburro, Bridgewater UMC
*William Hoffman, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Sandra Lee Stenstrom, Emmanuel UMC
Rev. Myung Sun Han, The UMC at Demarest
*Suzanne Giacobbe, Denville Community Church
*Frederick Mendez, Parsippany UMC
*Mary Kate Hanko, Hamilton UMC
Rev. Amy Beth Jones, Family Promise
*Chris Cauda, Grace UMC Wyckoff
Rev. Carla Constantino, Walnut Valley and St. John's UMC
*Katherine Eiring, Parsippany UMC
*Ronald Baltimore, FUMC Somerville
*Sandra Svenningsen, Sparta UMC
*Janice Aleman, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Chuck DelCamp, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Frances Preston, Retired Elder
Rev. Jeff Markay, Chatham UMC
*Gwen Kendall, Pearl River UMC
*Pat Schutz, Sparta UMC
*Ef Deal, Audubon UMC
*Bob Schutz, Sparta UMC
*Heidi Polhemus, Medford UMC
Rev. Shellie Pinner, Fellowship UMC
Rev. Michael McKay, Butler UMC
Rev. Erik "Skitch" Matson, Princeton UMC and Princeton University Wesley Foundation
*Chris Watson, First UMC Glassboro
Amanda Berry, Cranford UMC
*Mary Oksten, St. Paul's UMC - Paulsboro
Rev. Alison Philip, Franklin Lakes UMC
Rev. Gary Frieze, ICCDAA Methadone Clinic
*Megan Mancini, Medford UMC
Rev. Janice Lynn, Sparta UMC
*Charlene Cavanaugh, First UMC Somerville
*Allison Caulfield, BUMC
Rev. Pat Bruger, Retired
*Lori Vanderaa, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Lindsay Mitchell, First UMC Moorestown
*Carl Bruger, Calvary UMC Dumont
Anonymous Advocate, Laity
*Kate Gonzalez, Medford UMC
Rev. Diane Koob, Retired
*Tracy Booth, UMC Parsippany
*Patrick Lyman, Hamilton UMC
*George Ballinger, Medford UMC
*Robert Keller, Parsippany UMC
*Elissa Campanella, Dias Creek UMC
*Ann Mailhot, Mt. Horeb UMC
Pastor Doris Haley, Retired
*Patricia Rosvold, Medford UMC
*Eric Roelofs, Parsippany UMC
*Leonard Bostwick, Parsippany UMC
*Luke Sayner, Waterloo UMC
*Jen Schaber, Bridgewater UMC
Rev. Cherese Evans, Magnolia and Pine Hill UMC
*Warren Pinner, Fellowship UMC
*Bruce Rosvold, Medford UMC
*Dawila Madsen, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Mindy Juntti-DelCamp, Haddonfield UMC
*Sandy Hart, Emmanuel UMC
*Heather Elm, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Kathleen Stone, Wharton United Community Church
*David Kinsley, Parsippany UMC
*Certified Lay Minister Daniel Jimenez, Tenafly UMC
Rev. Dr. Bradford Motta, Morrow Church
*Bert Morris, RISE Church East Orange
*Sheree Kachnic, Absecon UMC
Rev. Christine Day, St. John's UMC of Harrisonville & Ferrell UMC
*Susan Schlindwein, First UMC Moorestown
*Mary Starn, First UMC Moorestown
*Penny Beil, Parsippany UMC
*Diane Eitel-Wortman, Old First UMC West Long Branch
*Ryan Lelache, Haddonfield UMC
*Barbara Doka, Franklin Lakes UMC
Rev. Rene Pak, Faith Community/Cedar Grove UMCs
*Cynthia Kent, Wesley UMC Belleville
*Carol Rigler, UMC Red Bank
*Patricia Winship, UMC Mount Tabor
Rev. Allyson J. Estes, Family Leave
Rev. Fran Lawrie Noll, Retired
*Judith Smith, First UMC Somerville
*David Wren-Hardin, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Peggy Groh, Succasunna UMC
*Barbara Roguski, UMC Red Bank
*Ellie Wren-Harden, Morrow Church
*Richard Preuss, Succasunna UMC
Pastor Shawn Grant, Ballard UMC
*Karen Kelly, UMC at Mount Tabor
Rev. Diane Dyson, Hunterdon Medical Center
Rev. Jenny Smith Walz, Princeton UMC
Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean, Princeton Theological Seminary
*Melissa Lambert, Sparta UMC
*Han Rovins, First UMC
*Carrie Lambert, Sparta UMC
*Charlene Marcus, Franklin Lakes UMC
*Robert Scheffler, Princeton UMC
Rev. Clarissa South-Holland, Whiting UMC
*Celia Hester, Waterloo UMC
*LaVerna Albury, Princeton UMC
Rev. Michael Reed, The Maker's Place
*Jennifer Mayer
*Jo Boyle, Cranford UMC
*Lorraine Halpern, Denville Community Church
Kathie Mackey, Sparta UMC
*Edward Sproles, Princeton UMC
*Nancy Snyder, UMC Madison
*George Armstrong, Glassboro FUMC
Rev. Gerard Koob, Retired
*Larry Brendler, Branchville UMC
*Allison Dyson, Simply Grace UMC
*Sara (Sally) Hoffman, New Providence UMC
Rev. Jennifer Cho, Bridgewater UMC
Rev. Ed Carll, Retired
*Donna Hough, Medford UMC
Rev. Kathleen Stolz, Medford UMC
*David Green, UMC in Madison
*Joanne Rich, Parsippany UMC
*Lorna Wooldridge, Waterloo UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Joseph Gunnet, First UMC of Somerville
*Candace Coleman, First UMC of Moorestown
*Patricia Andrews, Franklin Lakes UMC
*Anne Tokazewski, Medford UMC
*Maribeth Lloyd, Medford UMC
*Brenda Crow, Calvary UMC
*Paula Michelsen, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Tracey Feick, Princeton UMC
*Arline Moreno, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Jean Wilcox, Denville Community Church
*Donna Conley, Madison UMC
*Anthony Pami, Trinity UMC in Hackettstown
*Beth Gunnet, First UMC Somerville
*Tiffany McCann, UMC in Red Bank
*Robin Birkel, Princeton UMC
*Stacy Browarny-Migneault, Succasunna UMC
*Wayne Adams, Medford UMC
*Rita Curven, UMC
*Dina Kimmel, Waterloo UMC
*Bruce Ford, Franklin Lakes UMC
Rev. Patricia Wentworth, Harvey Memoiral UMC
*Linda Razzano, Conklin UMC
*Anna Weiss, Parsippany UMC
*Maidie Erickson, Parsippany UMC
*Marlene Ryan, New Providence UMC
*Linda Brower, Sparta UMC
*Jennifer DeMaio, Parsippany UMC
*Luanne Kip, Freehold UMC
*Holly Walker, Cranford UMC
Rev. Hyun Hui Kim, West Grove/Memorial UMCs
Rev. Lisanne Finston, Extension Ministry - Gould Farm
Rev. Michael Smith, Clinton UMC
Rev. Timothy Nicinski, Waterloo UMC
*Schuyler Berdan, Archer UMC
*Monica Hawkins, Parsippany UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Eric Valosin, Denville Community Church
*Ann Freeman Price, Sparta UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Kenneth Bennett, Covenant UMC
*Meghan (Mae) Maffetone, Rockaway Valley UMC
*Cheryl Jones-Holaday, First UMC Moorestown
*Steven Maffetone, Rockaway Valley UMC
Pastor Marissa van der Valk, Neshanic and Sergeantsville UMC
*William Holaday, First UMC Moorestown
*Amy Barraco, Mt. Horeb UMC
Rev. Chris Heckert, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Yoseb Jeon, Hackensack UMC
*Marcia Fiorentino, Somerville UMC
*Nikki Busch, Waterloo UMC
*Anita Ritchie, First UMC Freehold
Rev. Dr. Charlie McNeil, Retired
*Alice Bennett, New Dover UMC - Edison
*Kimberly Noel, Sparta UMC
*Kellie Krondon, UMC Madison
*Mary Rodda, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Robin Webb, First UMC Moorestown
*Kelly Lewis, Clinton UMC
*Janet Painter, Morrow UMC
*Donna Sims, Clinton UMC
Rev. Barbara Hoffman, UMC of New City
*Sarah McGranahan-Edwards, UMC of Parsippany
*Jennifer Blackburn, UMC at New Brunswick
*Kathleen Ries, Manahawkin UMC
Rev. Joseph Jueng, Wesley Foundation at Rutgers University
*Geraldine (Geri) Losh, First UMC Freehold; Retired GNJAC Staff
*Jill Puleo, Clinton UMC
*Lay Servant Steven Zahorbenski, New Brunswick UMC
*David Calvert, Cape May UMC
*Katharine Mastrantonio, Trinity UMC of Hackettstown
Rev. Jesse Ruch, Broadway & Port Colden UMCs
*Christopher Graham, Clinton UMC
Rev. JongIn Lee, The Church of the Good Shepherd
*Diane Pivarnik, New Providence UMC
*Denise Furda, Hamilton UMC
*Cindy Cope, First UMC Moorestown
Rev. Judy Anne White, Retired
*Susan Davelman, Princeton UMC
*Laura Murphy, Waterloo UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Lay Leader James Moreno, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Roger White, Wyckoff Grace UMC
*Mark Hackler, UMC of Red Bank
*Kathy Mulholland, First UMC Freehold
*Rachel Martin, Haddonfield UMC
*Kathy Grimwood, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Kary Thopmson, First UMC Somerville
*Caty Bennett Gray, Chatham UMC
*Barbara Moreeno, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Edward Myer, Haddonfield UMC
*Barb Lemasters, Waterloo UMC
*Tanya Foulds, Medford UMC
*Lillian Lovaglio, St. Mark's UMC
*Diaconal Minister Sue Zahorbenski, UMC at New Brunswick
Rev. John Callanan, Drakestown UMC
*Karen Pobanz, Franklin Lakes UMC
*Dawn Hernandez Pemberton, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Kim Graceffo, Denville Community Church
*James Graceffo, Denville Community Church
Rev. Jonathan Campbell, Old First UMC
*Chaplain Heidi Tierney, Federation of Christian Ministries Endorsement
*Anne Hughes-Hinnen, UMC of Red Bank
*Nancy Dunkle, Medford UMC
*Lynn Kheshgi, Bridgewater UMC
*Andrea Wren-Hardin, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Katie Sawyer, UMC of Red Bank
*Joanne McKinney, First UMC Freehold
Rev. Peter Mantell, Frenchtown & Kingswood UMCs
Rev. Deborah Barnett, Westmont UMC
*Sarah A. Michal, Morristown UMC
*Matthew Michal, Morristown UMC
Rev. Christina Lelache, Haddonfield UMC
*Linda Leeder, Franklin Lakes UMC
*Danny Clark, Beverly UMC
*Carol Reilly, Medford UMC
*Deana Larsen, Parsippany UMC
*Robin Tustin, Fellowship UMC - Haddon Heights
Pastor Kara Berg, Bernardsville UMC
*Soraya Kressler, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Ellen Krupa, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Dr. Brandon Cho, Morristown UMC
*Tony Albanese, Trinity UMC of Hackettstown
*Michele Leinaweaver, Waterloo UMC/Trinity UMC
*Sharon Zollers, First UMC Moorestown
Rev. Chuck Coblentz, New Dover UMC - Edison
*Carol Hutchison, Bethany St. John's UMC
*Gaylene Maichuk, Vincent UMC - Nutley
*Patti McNeel, Waterloo UMC
Rev. Ginny Samuel Cetuk, Princeton UMC
*Thomas Kitson, Chatham UMC
*Emily Shearman, Denville Community Church
*Lori Rapp, Denville Community Church
*Jeanne Crowe, Stockholm UMC
*Holly Izsa, Denville Community Church
*Deborah Adams, Medford UMC
*Laura Gaffney, Haddonfield UMC
*Sheri Wachenheim, Clinton UMC
*District Lay Leader Laura Fischer-Leskowits, Cedar Cliff UMC
*Jim Bielefeldt, Bridgewater UMC
*Lucille Markay, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Barbara Babbit, Chatham UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Dawn Catanzaro, Denville Community Church
*Matilda Ogoo, UMC at New Brunswick
*Susan Rustin, Milford UMC
*Kris Hollstein, Denville Community Church
*Alice Grant, UMC at Mt. Tabor
Rev. Jennifer Bolton, Dias Creek UMC
Rev. Dr. Gerald Rounds, Retired
*Cynthia Curtis-Budka, First UMC Freehold
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
Pastor George Morris, Retired/Pastor of Visitation at HUMC
*Jennifer Tamedl, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Mary Beth Gruber, Bridgewater UMC
*Kyle Becker, New Dover UMC - Edison
*Patricia Hawkins, Waterloo UMC
*Rita Curven, First UMC Freehold
*Kelly Femenella, Clinton UMC
*Carol Van Houten, Totowa UMC
Rev. Frederick Boyle, Retired/Spiritual Counselor at Cliffs in West Orange
Rev. Peter Jamieson, Asbury UMC - Egg Harbor
*Kris Hubert, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Marsia Mason, First UMC Moorestown
*Daphne Mendolia, Franklin Lakes UMC
*Linda Coombs, Sparta UMC
*Brian Pobanz, Franklin Lakes UMC
Rev. Paul Maliel, Retired/Life Coach
*Gail Ewin, Newton UMC
*YoungKwang Jun, Denville Community Church
*James Mellon, UMC of Red Bank
*Barbara Valenti, UMC of Red Bank
Dr. Harlan Baxter, Retired
*Joan Sweeney, Manchester
*Kimberly Weiler, Haddonfield UMC
*Jeannette Zajac, UMC of the Rockaways
*Paul K. Stankiewicz Jr., Westmont UMC
*Laura Lowder, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
Rev. Dr. Victor R. Peterson, Retired
*Joanne Allen, Bridgewater UMC
*Betty Brokaw, Island Heights UMC
Rev. Robert Scott Jr, Retired
*Shannon Seastead Penkrat, Denville Community Church
*Joy Badger, Medford UMC
*Stacey Murphy, Denville Community Church
*Margaret Drew, Clinton UMC
*Lyn Rand, Denville Community Church
Pastor George Rodney, Mt. Horeb UMC
Rev. Dr. Alden Welch, Retired/Sparta UMC
*Erin Leeder, Clinton UMC
*Lynda Gronemann, Denville Community Church
Rev. Pedro Pillot, Asbury UMC (Camden)
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Roe McBurnett, Somerville First UMC
*Moselle Jules, Haddonfield UMC
*Jo-Ann Stafford, Sparta UMC
*Danielle Adams, Medford UMC
*Joann Ellis, Haddonfield UMC
*Bridget Galvin, Grace UMC
Rev. Sharon Burniston, Overlook Medical Center
*Jeanne Eisele, UMC Madison
*Cricket Denton Brennan, Seaville UMC
Rev. Dr. Emily B. Hall, AIEM
Pastor Sooah Na, Community Church of Hoboken
*Kevin Hanft, Bishop Janes UMC - Basking Ridge
*Joshua Rand, Denville Community Church
*Mara-Lynn Fahey, Morrow Memorial UMC
Rev. Dr. Jisun Kwak, Christ Embury UMC
*Erica Rose Smith, Haddonfield UMC
*Elaine Baughman, UMC of Red Bank
*Cassie Healy, Haddonfield UMC
*Marina Milia, Manahawkin UMC
*Nadine Mack, First UMC Moorestown
*David Baughman, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Dr. Grace Pak, General Commission on Religion and Race
*Dr. Patricia Dedert, First UMC Somerville
Rev. Dr. Linda Ross, Mays Landing UMC
*Michiel Ultee, First UMC of Somerville
Pastor JiSun Yang, Repaupo & St. Paul's in Bridgeport UMCs
Rev. Manuel Islas, Nuevo Nacimiento "New Birth"
*Sharon Ziobro, Wesley UMC - South Plainfield
*Danny Doremus, First UMC
Rev. Wen-Ling Lai, Professional Development
*Dottie Proskura, First UMC Somerville
*Delores Bostron, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Nancy VanderVeen, Sparta UMC (Grace UMC St. Augustine, Florida)
Rev. Dr. Roger Swanson, Retired
*Lee Price, Haddonfield UMC
*Alex Carney, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Andrea Jacobs, Middletown UMC
Pastor Joyce Mooney, Mantua UMC
Rev. Jacqueline Pillot, Wenonah and New Sharon UMCs
*Curtis Bagby, Haddonfield UMC
*Mary Stuart, Glassboro First UMC
*Barbara Kirschbaum, Whiting UMC
*Wendy Cherry, Dias Creek UMC
*Cynthia Gorzelnik, Denville Community Church
*Mike Brabel, Sparta UMC
*Lois Hart, West Grove UMC
*Julia Robertson, Haddonfield UMC
*Dr. Russell Wagoner, Franklin Lakes UMC
*James Purdy, Park UMC Bloomfield
*Cynthia Peterno, 1st UMC Vineland
*Darrin Slater, Seaville UMC
*Kathi Gilbert, Grace UMC Dover
*Janet Kaefer, Bishop Janes UMC
Rev. Sunghee Park, Belford/Keansburg UMCs
*Jessica Jacobs Vogol, Middletown UMC
*Beth Jacobs, Middletown UMC
*Lisa Maul, CUMC
*Sylvia Anderson, Newton UMC
*Nathan Robertson, Haddonfid UMC
*Jeanine Giantisco, Waterloo UMC
*Phyllis Wiley, Archer UMC
*Marie Harvey, FUMC of Mays Landing
*Carol Pfingsten-Lutes, Bishop Janes UMC
*Rose Bates, Franklin Lakes UMC
Rev. Dianna Stone, Whitehouse UMC
*Nancy Sweazey, Bishop Janes UMC
*Bonnie Adair, Clinton UMC
*Bud Larson, Sparta UMC
*Jean LaFrance, Sparta UMC
*Lester Hemphill, Whiting UMC
*Lisa Carballo, UMC Madison
*Eliza Bertrand, Park UMC Bloomfield
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Angela Bulawski, First UMC Somerville
*Deborah Sieger, Lyndhurst UMC
*Mecan Payne, Clinton UMC
Rev. Dr. W. James White, Retired
*Amanda Lasecki, UMC Pitman
*Lynn Koch, Saint Andrew UMC
*William McNeel, Waterloo UMC
*Robin Bonner, Bridgewater UMC
*Jeannette Sterbinksy, Archer UMC
*Steven Di Pilla, First UMC Moorestown
*Valerie Earp, St. Andrew UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Maria Halzack, Pearl River UMC
*Carolyn Walters, Broadway UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Russell Sottile, Hamilton UMC
*Linda Cargo, Bishop Janes UMC
*Paul Cargo, Bishop Janes UMC
*Christian Kaefer, Bishop Janes UMC
*Hans Morsink, UMC Madison
*Nancy Clasby, Haddonfield UMC
*Diana Pearce, Red Bank UMC
*Cathy Reckenbeil, Bridgewater UMC
*Barbara Illingworth, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Susan Howland, UMC of the Rockaways
*Bob Howland, UMC of the Rockaways
*Sarah Sayner, Wateroo UMC
*Philip Young, St. Peter's UMC
Rev. Ninabeth Metcalf, Panther Valley Ecumenical Church
*Bernard Bonner, Bridgewater UMC
*Jacqueline Jones, St. Andrew UMC
*Bonnie Patricelli, Chews UMC
*Jesse Sayner, Waterloo UMC
*Timothy Stone, Whitehouse UMC
*Cindy Miller, Clinton UMC and Simply Grace UMC
*Dr. Elbridge Holland, Whiting UMC
*Margaret Simpson, Round Valley UMC
*Veronica Sydlowski, Bridgewater UMC
*Kira Nightingale, Denville UMC
Rev. Geraldine Fowler, Retired
Rev. Deb De Vos, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Evelyn Carson, Grace UMC
Rev. Richard Wittig, Retired Elder
*Jerry Tanner, UMC of Rockaways
Rev. Jeff Campbell, Extension Ministry - Discipleship Ministries
*Jeffrey Speman, Former GNJUMC Member
*Shirley Spooner, Newton First UMC
*Sam Jones, St. Andrew UMC - Toms River
*Pamela Gunning, Pearl River UMC
*Susan Bohn, Clinton UMC
*Rebecca Gibby, Chatham UMC
*Johnelle Mische, Waterloo UMC
*Nancy Diaz, Arcola UMC
*Stuart Green, Cranford UMC
*Maria Meo, UMC Madison
*Roni Sawin, Bridgewater UMC
*Steve Sawin, Bridgewater UMC
Rev. Wauneta Catlett, Retired
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Sue VanGorden, Cranford UMC
*Vince VanGorden, Cranford UMC
*Liz Steen, Milford UMC
*Shirley Crane, UMC Madison
Rev. Dr. David Henritzy, Retired
*Kylie Haskins, FUMC Westfield
*Dave Barnett, Westmont UMC
*John Kinch, Bridgewater UMC
*Lynne Kinch, Bridgewater UMC
*James L. Cox, Bridgewater UMC
*Megan Watson, Glassboro First UMC
Rev. Dr. Varlyna D. Wright, Retired
*Christine Franklin, Clonmell UMC
*Susan Bottorff, FUMC Westfield
*Caleb Murtha, Glassboro FUMC
*David Haney, Glassboro FUMC
*Michael Winey, FBC
*Dean Pratt, FUMC Westfield
*Bettina Belt, Bishop Janes UMC
*John Carothers, Bishop Janes UMC
*Kevin Cummines, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Karen Korinda, Boonton UMC
*Jenna Rentzel, Glassboro UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Jeremy Dyson, Bloomsbury UMC (Simply Grace)
*Certified Lay Servant Elaine Pratt, FUMC Westfield
Pastor Teresita Matos-Post, Totowa UMC
*Virginia Oksten, St. Peters UMC
*Lynne Beach, Freehold FUMC
*Edward Beach, Freehold FUMC
*Nina Vaira Turton, Caldwell UMC
*Kerry Mentzer, Church
*Marta Hall, Haddonfield UMC
*Pete Hall, Haddonfield UMC
*Robert De Vos, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Scott Vicari, Haddonfield UMC
*Elizabeth Adams, Parsippany UMC
*Caryn Murtha, Glassboro UMC
*Barbara Carrino, Vincent UMC Nutley
*Carolyn Palma, Chatham UMC
*Lisa Schoelles, Hillsdale UMC
*Amy Gripp, Parsippany UMC
Pastor Joy Geldart, Oceanport
*Barbara Pettebone, Clinton UMC
*William Gripp, Parsippany UMC
Rev. Carol Davies, Bethel UMC
*Lay Leader Darlene Hess, Bethel UMC
Rev. Dr. Veronica Palmer, RISE Church
*Kelsey Gripp, Parsippany UMC
Rev. Miso Park, Bergen Highlands UMC
*Josette Noble Gamble, Morrow Memorial UMC
Rev. Erica Munoz, Aldersgate UMC East Brunswick
Rev. Sungchun Ahn, Centenary - Berlin
*Dr. Ted Coletti, Denville Community Church
Rev. Todd Lattig, First UMC Newton
*Leslie Millar, Chatham UMC
*Nancy Saunders, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Dan Bottorff, Retired
*Elizabeth Kahn, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Lysander Canlas, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Nancy Weber, Haddonfield UMC
*William Judd, Haddonfield UMC
*Christopher Carl, Medford UMC
Rev. Sharon Ladd, Retired
*Jack Tironi, Blairstown UMC
*Dr. Joanne Booth, Pennington UMC
Rev. Mary Kathryn Allen, Bridgewater UMC
*Emma Klingener, Rockaway Valley UMC
Rev. Jill Hubbard-Smith, Atlantic Highlands Navesink UMC
Rev. Daniel Castleberry, Pennington UMC
*Karen Jarmusz, Atlantic Highlands Navesink UMC
*Jim Silkensen, Cranford UMC
*Jennifer McCarron, Atlantic Highlands Navesink UMC
*Candace Silkensen, Cranford UMC
*Marsha Quackenbush, New Dover UMC
*Hope Dingley, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Pamela Lester, Bridgewater UMC
*Suzanne Mitchell, First UMC Moorestown
*Barbara Miller, UMC at Newfoundland
Rev. Mathew Enzler, Titusville UMC
Rev. Ernest Williams, Lumberton UMC
*Kendall Jennett, Bethel UMC
*Sarah McGough, First UMC Moorestown
*Mary McIntyre Daniels, Hopewell UMC
*Debby Donovan, Hurffville Bethel UMC
Rev. Dr. Wiliam McElwee, Reetired
*Judy Donahue, Atlantic Highlands Navesink UMC
*Nicholas Donahue, Atlantic Highlands Navesink UMC
*Camille Jennett, Bethel UMC
*Laura Beverage, Medford UMC
*Clarence Beverage, Medford UMC
*Joan Smith, UMC of Red Bank
*James Brandon Healy, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Dr. Steven Bechtold, Skylands District Superintendent/Sparta UMC
*Nanci Illingworth, Middletown UMC
*Carol Bradford, UMC at Newfoundland
*Kenneth Bradford, UMC at Newfoundland
Rev. Nehemiah Thompson, Retired Elder
*Arthur Abrahamsen, Whiting UMC
*Elaine Schmit Jongbloed, Whiting UMC
*Louise Usechak, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Dr. David Pierson, Teaneck UMC
*Sheila Leavitt, UMC of Red Bank
*Mary Sterling, First UMC Freehold
*Rober Sterling, First UMC Freehold
*Dan Bush, Sergeantsville UMC
*Kathy Hackler, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Virginia Stein Hubbard, Retired
*Jim Allen, Bridgewater UMC
*Lay Servant Ken Griffin, Church
*Nora Tetzer, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Leslie Castle, UMC of Red Bank
*Bill Castle, UMC of Red Bank
*Tory Castle, UMC of Red Bank
*Polly Davidson, UMC of Red Bank
*Melissa Wojtylak, Haddonfield UMC
*Bruce Zollers
*Bernadette Lattig, First UMC Newton
Rev. Dr. Vicki Miller Brendler, Retired
Rev. Marcia Krause Bilyk, Retired
*Stephen Davis, Chatham UMC
*Kathy Miller, Haddonfield UMC
*Wendy Doerrmann, St. Peter's UMC of Ocean City
*Barbara McMaster, Haddonfield UMC
*Virginia Errichetti, Haddonfield UMC
*Ian Lutes, Bishop Janes UMC
*Andrea Batten Jennett, Bethel UMC of Hurffville
*Monica Masiko, Chews UMC
Rev. Vivian Rodeffer, Caldwell UMC
*Hank Patterson, Bishop Janes UMC
Rev. Amanda Rohrs, Hurdtown UMC & UMC of Lake Hopatcong
*Anne Cuff, Panther Valley Ecumenical Church
Rev. Kathleen Morris, Retired Clergy
*Janice Batten Sees, Bethel UMC of Hurffville
*Sam Perez, Bishop Janes UMC
*Steve Anderson, UMC of Madison
*Stacey Lebitz, Middletown UMC
*Stephanie Campise, Haddonfield UMC
*Sharon Fitch, Vernon UMC
*Kristine Bomersbach, Middletown UMC
*Leah Swanger, Bridgewater UMC
*June Armstrong, First UMC of Glassboro
*Linda DeMarco, First UMC of Glassboro
*Peggy Martino, Centenary UMC
*Diane Schoener, First UMC of Glassboro
*John Schoener, First UMC of Glassboro
*Suzanne Thomas, Atlantic Highlands/Navesink UMC
*Kevin Dresely, Bishop Janes UMC
*Phyllis Pedersen, Clinton UMC
*Ken Hoffner, FUMC Moorestown
*Cynthia Holshue, Pennsauken UMC
*Mary Elizabeth Campbell, Bethel UMC
*Helen Curtis, Princeton UMC
*Jennifer Nielsen, Morrow Memoiral UMC
*Erica Williams, Lumberton UMC
*Darlene Simmons, First UMC Glassboro
*Scott McGough, FUMC of Moorestown
*Nicole McGough, FUMC of Moorestown
Rev. Dr. Lawrence Curtis, Member NEAC, affiliate Princeton UMC
Rev. Eunkyong Kim, Cedar Cliff UMC
*Kristin Zerden, Montville UMC
*Cynthia Rolland, First UMC of Glassboro
*Elaine Winget, Mt. Fern UMC
*Jane Blossom, First UMC Glassboro
*Beth Crawford, Clinton UMC
*Leslie Dreibelbis, Princeton UMC
*Millie Grey, Christ UMC - Piscatawy
Rev. John Powell, Retired
*Lori Pantaleo, Princeton UMC
*Robert Wooton, Glassboro FUMC
*Joan Wooton, Glassboro FUMC
*Charles Phillips, Princeton UMC
*Katheryn Ranta, Princeton UMC
*Bettie Yerkes, Bethel Hurffville
*Walter Marshall, First UMC Glassboro
*Dart Sageser, Princeton UMC
Pastor Charlie Kinch, Malaga & Porchtown UMC
*Gina Hall Kropp, Haddonfield UMC
*Barbara Sageser, Princeton UMC
*Katherine Burt, Princeton UMC
*Bonnie Marshall, Glassboro UMC
Anonymous Clergy Advocate
*Carol Lageveen
*Lynne Stallworth, Christ UMC
*Matthew Stuart, Princeton UMC
*Kathy Berkowsky, First UMC Glassboro
*Ronald Berkowsky, First UMC Glassboro
*Anne Fikaris, Princeton UMC
*Obed Perez, Oasis UMC
*Jose Suarez, Oasis UMC
*Janice Holleny, Milford UMC (PA)
*Adam Woods, Denville Community Church
*Fred Huber, New Brunswick UMC
*Steven Stouffer, UMC of New Brunswick
*Tammy Martone, Montville UMC
*Emme Probst, Haddonfiled UMC
*June Rush
*Beth Davies, FUMC Moorestown
*Karin Goodman, St. Andrew's, Spring Lake
*Noriyuki Tadano, UMC Madison
*John Johnson, Princeton UMC
*Greg Crawford, Clinton UMC
*Constance Myhrer
*Frances Lunsford, Haddonfield UMC
*Karen Mancinelli, Madison UMC
*Eric Hackler, UMC Red Bank
*Margo Howard Pellegrino, Medford UMC
*Michele Naples, UMC Red Bank
*Kenneth Glossbrenner, UMC Red Bank
*Carol Otte, Christ UMC - Piscataway
*Andrew Judkis, UMC of Red Bank
*Barbara Johnson, Princeton UMC
*Suzanne Sonaker, UMC of Red Bank
*Karen Williams, Clinton UMC
*Ginny Petzinger, Clinton UMC
*Susan Pironti, Sparta UMC
*Julian Rosario, Oasis UMC
*Charles Adams, First UMC Glassboro
*Paula Adams, First UMC Glassboro
Rev. Juliann Henry, Extension Minstry
Rev. Susan Victor, Womanspace & The Maker's Place
*Sophia Vicari, Haddonfield UMC
*Vasanth Victor, Princeton UMC
*Sebastian Lombardi, Oasis
Rev. Dr. Anthony J. Godlefski, Mongomery UMC
*Barbara Ewick, Montgomry UMC
*Church Schenone, Whiting UMC
*Frank Picone, Montgomery UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Georgia Beattie
*Kirk Stuart
Rev. Dr. Joel Daniel Hubbard III, Bloomfield: Park UMC
*Christine Singer, Park UMC
*Maryann McNulty, Bethel UMC
Rev. Hazel Thomas-Shue, Retired Elder
*Michael D'Italia, Haddonfield UMC
*Lay Leader Winifred Stubbs, Park UMC - Bloomfield
*James Beauchamp, Park UMC - Bloomfield
*Gabriele Carll, Haddonfield UMC
*Esther Morales, Park UMC in Weehawken
*Deborah Ploe, Montgomery UMC
*Claudia Hodges, Bishop Janes UMC
*Brett Hodges, Bishop Janes UMC
*Effie Taft, Whiting UMC
*Craig Burns, UMC of Summit
*Diana C. Johnson, Park UMC - Bloomfield
*Frank Picone, Montgomery UMC
*Mary Jacobus, Whiting UMC
*Nicole Tilton, Hamilton UMC
*Ashley Bauter, Hamilton UMC
*Richard Hart, UMC
*Donna Hulse, Hamilton UMC
*Deb Walling, Hamilton UMC
Rev. Myounghun Stephen Yun, Succasunna UMC
*Mary Manion, Medford UMC
Rev. Anna Thomas, Centenary UMC
*Sandra Urgo, Succasunna UMC
*Sarah Vahlstrom, MUMC
*Jordan Siegel, UMC of New Brunswick
*Alana Miller, Medford UMC
*Lay Leader KarenRavensbergen, Calvary UMC Dumont
*Barbara Robinson, Cranford UMC
*Jean Hart, Bridgewater UMC
*Dr. Nathan H. Hart, Bridgewater UMC
*Carolyn Tindall, Whiting UMC
Rv. Karline Dubuisson, UMC of Spring Valley
*Carol White, Cranford UMC
Rev. Robert Williams, Retired
Pastor Wade Jackson, Wayside UMC
*Jason Peterson, Medfoord UMC
*Erica Risser, Medford UMC
Rev. Robyne Mayer, Journey UMC/St Paul's UMC
*Amy Hoag, Medford UMC
Rev. John Inverso, First UMC Glassboro
*Lori Borgen, Park UMC Bloomfield
Rev. David Dutcher, Retired
*Jennifer Scally, Haddonfield UMC
*Gerry Smith, Atlantic Highlands Navesink UMC
*Dan Meharg, UMC Madison
*Iona Harding, Princeton UMC
Rev. Dr. Roger Plantikow, Retired Elder
*Annie Pasqua, Kingston UMC
*Raymond Jones, Jerseyville UMC
*Alisa Unell, Kingston UMC
Pastor Kelly Spencer, Titusville UMC
*David Jost, Haddonfield UMC
*Grant Mongin, Kingston UMC
*Kris Pfeifer, UMC of Madison
*Sara Vanatta, Kingston UMC
*Mark Thompson, St Peter's UMC Ocean City
*Stacey Thompson, St. Peter's UMC Ocean City
*Mary Kyner, Kingston UMC
*Debbie Wince, Kingston UMC
*Denise White, Parsippany UMC
*Kattya Coral-Bianculli, UMC of Red Bank
*Sharon Townsend, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Victor Desousa, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Maryann Mills, Frankford Plains UMC
*Jeremiah Campbell, Hamilton UMC
*Lisa McLaughlin, Haddonfield UMC
*Heather Stender, First UMC Westfield
*Dina Lindner, FUMC
*Marie Steeb, Haddonfield UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Tracy Estes, Hamilton UMC
*Linda Bardell, Middletown UMC
*Melissa McKamie, Kingston UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Melissa Tanner, Rockaway Valley UMC
*Melissa Fortuna, Wantage UMC
*George Schilidge, UMC of Red Bank
*Jane Schilidge, UMC of Red Bank
*Patricia Curtis, First UMC Westfield
*Robert Curtis, First UMC Westfield
*Nancy Drake, Christ UMC Piscataway
*Carlla Horton, UMC at Newfoundland
*Ann Chien, UMC at Demarest
*George Chien, UMC at Demarest
*Darryl Duer, Cranford UMC
*Rachel Melick, Fairmount UMC
*Rebecca Bleck, Fairmount UMC
*Leslie Williams-Wexler, Trinity UMC Hackettstown
*Rosalie Haller, Belvidere UMC
*Frank Baker, Kingston UMC
*Hugh Krone, Sparta UMC
*Jay Tunicliffe, Former GNJUMC member/employee
*Isabella Holly, Green Creek Bethel
*Tina Benishek, First UMC Millville
*Victoria Taylor, First UMC Millville
*Nicole Peaks, First UMC Montclair
*Lizabeth Ridner, Denville Community Church
*Triston Handlin, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Gayle Pitman, Denville Community Church
*Kathy Iantosca, Denville Community Church
*Donna Urso, Church Mission Team
*Bobbie Ridgely, UMC of Red Bank
*Deborah Ginard, UMC of the Rockaways
*Janice Carter, UMC of the Rockaways
*Madison Ridner, Denville Community Church
*Sandra Washington, UMC of the Rockaways
*Karen Scannelli, UMC of the Rockaways
*Bob Scanelli, UMC of the Rockaways
*Linda Benton, Belvidere UMC
*Lynnette Forelich, Denville Community Church
*Dr. Nancy Westerband, UMC of the Rockaways
*Avery Brown Westerband, UMC of the Rockaways
*Jessica Brown Westerband, UMC of the Rockaways
*Laurel Martone, Succasunna UMC
*Sheila McLaughlin, UMC of the Rockaways
*Katherine Reardon, UMC of the Rockaways
*Bob Steeves, UMC of the Rockaways
*Barbara Steeves, UMC of the Rockaways
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Nancy Pool, Denville Community Church
*Donna Hoffman, UMC of Red Bank
*Amy Applegate, UMC of Red Bank
*Brian Richards, New Dover - Edison UMC
*Sarah Kuhns, Trinity UMC
*Vania Stevenson, Trinity UMC
*Marilyn Tchalabi, Grace UMC
*Pat Bodden, Bridgewater UMC
*Hugh Krone
*Elaine Dawson, UMC of Red Bank
*Thomas Kulp, First UMC Moorestown
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Robert Anderson, First UMC Westfiled NJ
*Kathy Kelley, UMC of Red Bank
*Dr. John Walradt, UMC of Red Bank
*Michael Walradt, UMC of Red Bank
*Karen Murray, First UMC Moorestown
*Sara Hicks, Princeton UMC
*Diane Mulholland, First UMC Freehold
*Amy Hoag, Medford UMC
*Sara Pafford, Pearl River UMC
*Corbin Payne, Clinton UMC
Rev. Leslie Houseworth-Fields, St. Mark's UMC Montclair
*Kathryn Bloodworth, Calvary UMC Annapolis
*Sue Donovan, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Dr. Eunice Vega-Perez, Bishop Janes UMC
Rev. Elaine Wing, Calvary Dumont
Rev. Iraida Ruiz De Porras, Christ UMC Lakewood
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Alaine Cooper, Hamilton UMC
Rev. Ronell Howard, Christ UMC-Piscataway
*JoAnn Nagle, Haddonfield UMC
*Bev Burns, St. Paul's UMC Ocean Grove
*Robert Nolan, Haddonfield UMC
*Grete Straube, Clinton UMC
*Denise Stuart, Haddonfield UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Linda Deukey, Bridgewater UMC
Rev. Stephen L. Donat, Retired
*Maurice Hintz, Mt. Fern UMC
*Shelly Lewis, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. John Maun, Retired
Rev. Ben Lee, Flemington UMC
Rev. Ginnie Keiser, North Wildwood UMC
*John Wooding, Centenary UMC - Metuchen
*Linda Henderson, St. Andrew's UMC - Spring Lake
*Carol Brodzinski - Christ UMC
Rev. David VanSciver, Haddonfield UMC
Rev. Lynn Mears, Cokesbury and Fairmount UMC
*Jacalyn Leto, Denville Community Church
*Julie Spelman, UMC of the Rockaways
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Denise Mennella, Pitman UMC
*Scott Gordley, Flemington UMC
*Yvonne Bouknight, Franklin St. John's
*Mara-Lynn Fahey, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Mac McLaughlin, Haddonfield UMC
*Marshall Genter, Pitman UMC
*Susan Genter, Pitman UMC
*Terri Humphries, Succasunna UMC
*Michelle Krynicky, Bridgewater UMC
*Warren Pinner, Fellowship UMC
*Gaylen Nolan, St. Andrew's UMC - Spring Lake
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Nicole Krauss, Lacey UMC
*Susanna Senti, UMC of the Rockaways
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Carol Baker, UMC of the Rockaways
*Nancy Martinez, UMC of th eRockaways
Rev. Galen Goodwin, Retired
Rev. Nancy Robinson, UMC in Branchville
*Ruth Lechelt, Centenary UMC
Dr. Donald Brash, Princeton UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocatee
Rev. Sammy Arroyo, First UMC Hightstown
Rev. Boram Lim, Good Samaritan Hospital
Rev. Joshua Kraft Gribbin, Everittstown UMC/Pattenburg UMC
*Stephanie Ewing, St. Andrews UMC - Cherry Hill
*Sabrina Owens, St. Andrews UMC - Cherry Hill
*Helene Leonard, UMC of the Rockaways
*Lori Jo Jamieson, Asbury UMC in Egg Harbor Twp
*Shelley Smith, Ferry Avenue UMC
*Ruth Ann Brandt, Ridgewood UMC
*Frances Oldehoff, Belvidere UMC
*Kiana Perez-Vega, Bishop Janes UMC
*Hunter Chadeayne, Belvidere UMC
*Nancy Carver, UMC in Branchville
*John Mulhern, TUMC
*Ma Woolley, Haddonfield UMC
*Nancy Mulvey, FUMC Westfield
*Robert Schaefer, Haddonfield UMC
*Janice Aleman, Grace UMC Wyckoff
*Laura Edelson, Bishop Janes UMC
*Marqus Hnderson, Emmanuel UMC - Oaklyn
*Susan Gibbins-Davis, First UMC Collingswood
*Mary Ann Butler, Milford UMC
*Evan Courtney, UMC of Red Bank
*Robert Huff, Morristown UMC
*Melanie Grace Marcus, Grace UMC
*Pamela Houskeeper, Milford UMC
*Arthur Rittenhouse
*Anonyous Laity Advocate
Rev. Dave Delaney, St. Paul's UMC - West Deptford
*Tucker Motta, Morristown UMC
*Dodi Skovronet, Denville Community Church
Rev. David Montanye, First UMC of Avalon
*Litsa Binder, Sparta UMC
*Anna Egorova, UMC Parsippany
*Sarah J. Lefsyk, UMC at Mt. Tabor
*George Hemenetz, UMC at Mt. Tabor
*Yvonne Roux, Sparta UMC
*Dwight Trotter, Ellisdale UMC
*Donna Sims, Clinton UMC
*Jeffrey R. Dickerson, UMC at Mt. Tabor
*Emily Davis, FUMC Collingswood
*Jeanne Crowe, Stockholm UMC
*Barry Halsey, UMC at Mt. Tabor
*Katherine Roekaert Davis, UMC at Mt. Tabor
*Rosario Quinones, UMC of the Rockaways
*Elizabeth Zinckgraf, UMC at Mt. Tabor
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
Rev. Susan L. Flicker, First UMC Vineland
*Linda Rubinfeld, Bridgewater UMC
*Rachel Caldari-Stroh, UMC at Mt. Tabor
Rev. Constance Squire, Vernon UMC
*Michael Rubinfeld, Bridgewater UMC
*Kerry Kushinka, Bridgewater UMC
*Keely Swan, Bridgewater UMC
*Jennifer Gromada, Princeton UMC
*Dyana Tarulli, Bridgewater UMC
*Matthew Cinotti, Sparta UMC
Rev. Gerard Jameson, Wesley UMC
*Tom Franklin, Chatham UMC
Rev. Terry Perkins, Teabo UMC
*Susan Mulholland, First UMC Freehold
*Michael Maffetone, Rockaway Valley UMC
*Virginia Marcus, Grace UMC Wyckoff
Rev. Diane Pacione, Seaville UMC
*Nicola Blake, UMC of Red Bank
*Janet Dagrosa, Haddonfield UMC
*Rebecca Gibby, CUMC
*Candy Miskevich, Waterloo UMC
*Jackson Carpenter, Sparta UMC
*Sandra Vogel, Denville Community Church
Rev. Heidi Kugler, Extension Ministry
*Jill Gordley, Flemington UMC
*Annelise Catanzaro, Denville Community Church
*Mary Bryant, Ocracoke UMC
*Jeffery Corcoran, Mt. Tabor UMC
Rev. Manuel Cruz, Community UMC and Roselle UMC
*Elaine Hunt-Friedman, UMC Red Bank
*James Preston, Chatham UMC
Rev. Blair Hearth, Retired
*Jennifer Kushinka, BUMC
*Tara Tchalabi, Grace UMC
*Chaplain Carol White, Cranford UMC
*Edmund Fortuna, Wantage UMC
Rev. Manuel Islas, Nuevo Nacimiento 'New Birth'
*Peter Pantalena, FUMC Westfield
*Dennis DeMario, Stockholm UMC
*Margo Bradley, FUMC Westfield
*Joel Lee Groves, Leonia UMC
*Katie Lattig, Harmony Hill UMC
*Suzanne Dice, UMC of Red Bank
*Karen Judkis, UMC of Red Bank
*Donna Kennedy, First UMC Westfield
*Kathy Jo Winner, Wesley UMC South Plainfield
*Linda Connors, Chatham UMC
*Liz Mailhot, Mt. Horeb UMC
*Carolyn Milhiser, FUMC Westfield
*Elise McGovern, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Judith Bennett, Memorial UMC - Neptune City
*Jennifer Dunne, First UMC Moorestown
*Marsia Mason, FUMC
*Thomas Kulp, First UMC Moorestown
*Bethany Sutton, Trinity UMC
*Paulette Harland, New Dover UMC
*Erin Markan, New Dover UMC
*Domonique Revere, UMC of Vineland
*Beth Lincoln, Vineland UMC
*Gussie Kakubowski
*Douglas Milby, Denville Community Church
*Wayne Englehardt
*Patricia Carpenter, New Dover UMC - Edison
*Helen Castro, New Dover UMC - Edison
*Katie Hill, Chatham UMC
*Michele Rack, Chatham UMC
*Alison Rack, Chatham UMC
*Hilary Stannard, Chatham UMC
*Paula Marchese, Chatham UMC
*Sheri Omelczuk, Chatham UMC
*Bonnie Srygley, Chatham UMC
*Andee Mihalko, Parsippany UMC
*Yvonne Albro, UMC at Newfoundland
*Earl Fairhurst, Medford UMC
*Nancy Rapp, Centenary UMC
*Janet McKnight, Whiting UMC
*John Dotterweich, Whiting UMC
*Denise Mullins, Whiting UMC
*Sue Hudler, Cedar Grove UMC - Toms River
*Alexander Strunc, Chatham UMC
*Patti Merkle, FUMC
*Sally Strunc, Chatham UMC
*Yvonne Macdonald, Princeton UMC
*Leslie Levey, Princeton UMC
*Justin Cogan, Parsippany UMC
*Timothy Tyler, Parsippany UMC
*Sharon Coughlin, Parsippany UMC
*Dianne Thompson, Middletown UMC
*Pamela Pisani, Princeton UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Christine Cox, Princeton UMC
*Mae Merkle, FUMC
*Ron Hunsicker, Sparta UMC
*Linda Brower, Sparta UMC
*Neal Brower, Sparta UMC
*Darryl Sokolowski, Parsippany UMC
*Connie Keller, Parsippany UMC
*Kristina Emodi, Parsippany UMC
*Nathaniel Noel, Sparta UMC
*Kayla Hook, Parsippany UMC
*Annika Noel, Sparta UMC
*Anna Christal, Parsippany UMC
*Katie Mihalko, Parsippany UMC
*Anna Gripp, Parsippany UMC
*Anna Larsen, Parsippany UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Jean Montecuollo, Parsippany UMC
*Mary Mihalko, Parsippany UMC
*Renee Luongo, Parsippany UMC
*Terry Germann, Parsippany UMC
*Charles Kinsely, Parsippany UMC
*Newton Barreto, Parsippany UMC
*Marcee Rogers, First UMC Westfield
*Eileen Krone, Sparta UMC
*Susan Gibson, Sparta UMC
*Robert Balton, Dingmans Ferry UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Cynthia DeFederico, Dingmans Ferry UMC
*Beverley Kinney, Sparta UMC
*Joan Palieri, Mendham UMC
*Mary Balton, Dingmans Ferry UMC
*Elaine Warren, Mendham UMC
*Theresa Provenza, Mendham UMC
*Kathryn Zuber, FUMC Westfield
*Elaine Cooper, Dingmans Ferry UMC
*Kathy Scehovic, Sparta UMC
*Mark Shenise, Mendham UMC
*Christina Shenise, Mendham UMC
*Bethany Shenise, Mendham UMC
*Dr. Sandra Morrow, Westfield UMC
*Pat Johnson, Sparta UMC
*Linda Refsland, Sparta UMC
*Ian Good, Sparta UMC
*Janice Drace, Sparta UMC
*Tammy Vrabel, Sparta UMC
*Allison Sidoli, Sparta UMC
*Richard Witter, Parsippany UMC
*Kayte Johnson, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Kristi Young, Sparta UMC
*Sig Binder, Sparta UMC
*Jennifer Cleghorn, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Dr. Holland Jancaitis, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Diane Gelone, Sparta UMC
*Mary Rodda, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Fred Profeta, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Laura Ammaturo, Sparta UMC
*Nancy Anderson, Westfield UMC
*Dr. James Sodt, Sparta UMC/Fellow Drew University
*Kim Przekop, UMC
*Elaine Iaroli, Sparta UMC
*Marilyn Sawicki, Sparta UMC
*Jan Lucciola, Milford UMC
*Lynn Higgins, Sparta UMC
*Barry Higgins, Sparta UMC
*Cynthia Longley Richards, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Susan Appaluccio, Sparta UMC
Rev. Cameron Overbey, Cranford UMC
*Carolyn Hartley, Sparta UMC
*Joyce Stibitz, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Pat Harvey, Sparta UMC
*Joseph Sikora, Succasunna UMC
*Mark Stouffer, UMC New Brunswick
*Nicholas Nickles, UMC New Brunswick
*Mary Jane Nickles, UMC New Brunswick
*Mary E. McGillick, Whiting UMC
*Karen Murray, Masonville
*Catherine Pherson, UMC New Brunswick
*Dale Caldwell, UMC New Brunswick
*Sarah Mickle, First UMC Glassboro
*Barbara Dawson, New Brunswick UMC
*Richard Kelley, Sparta UMC
*Ashley Kempson, Sparta UMC
*Karen Judkis, UMC of Red Bank
Rev. Juyeonn Lee, Ballard UMC
*Melissa Ogoo, UMC at New Brunswick
*Sharon Payne, Medford UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Ginny Jackson, Westmont UMC
*Gerda Toth, UMC of New Brunswick
*Melissa Martinez, Pearl River UMC
*Taylor DeBartolome, UMC of red Bank
*Kevin Huang, MUMC
*Elaine Hoke, UMC at New Brunswick
*Diane Forer, First UMC Hightstown
*Dennis Forer, First UMC Hightstown
*Judy DiCecco, First UMC Hightstown
*Anthony Almeida, First UMC Hightstown
*Johanna Beutler, Whiting UMC
*Sandra Anzuini, First UMC Hightstown
*Janet Fischlein
*Emily Fish, First UMC Hightstown
*Amy Andrews, Pearl River UMC
*Donald Russell, UMC of New Brunswick
*Sheila Campbell, Avalon UMC
*Valerie Lionetti, Pearl River UMC
*Gloria Murphy, Pearl River UMC
*Karen Parete, UMC at Newfoundland
*N. Vivian Nelson-Appiah, UMC at Newfoundland
*Rannetta Ogoo, UMC at New Brunswick
*Paul Stankiewicz Jr, Westmont UMC
*JoAnn Lee, Pearl River UMC
*Patricia Boyce, Wesley UMC South Plainfield
*Joyce Nelson, FUMC Westfield
*Vena Sharer, FUMC Westfield
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Anita Carvalho, FUMC Westfield
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Jean Eisele, FUMC
*Debbie Gilone, Sparta UMC
*Walter Hewitt, First UMC Hightstown
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Elizabeth A. Keat, Chatham UMC
*Matilda Ogoo, New Brunswick UMC
*Linda Grady, Milford UMC
*Lynn Truax, Epworth UMC, Palmyra
*Barbara Dreyfus, First UMC Westfield
*Colleen A. Miller, Hopewell UMC
*Diane Connor, PRUMC
Rev. Carolyn Thomas, Retired
*Patricia Moore, UMC Wayne
*Rose Coram, Lacey UMC
*Rebecca Fugueroa, Lacey UMC
Rev. Diane Gilbert, Beach Haven: Terrace and Kynett

*Carolina Perez, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Lota Bungay-Gerona, Calvary UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Natalie Portis, Kingston UMC
*Rev Dr. Lindsey Trozzo, Kingston UMC
*Sharon Gray, UMC at Newfoundland
*David Gray, UMC at Newfoundland
*Jeff Hoke, UMC at New Brunswick
*Brenda Hershberger, Kinston UMC
*Thomas Walsh, KUMC
*Denise Mullins
*Claire Walton, First UMC of Hightstown
*Kirk Huber, FUMC Westfield
*Joann Huber, FUMC Westfield
*Donald Corr, UMC at New Brunswick
*Leigh Shultz, Morrow Memorial UMC
*James Chamberlain, Kingston UMC
*Joyce Stibitz, Morrow Memorial UMC
*Margaret Somers
*Lisa Phillips, Kingston UMC
Pastor Rachael Phelps, Union Village UMC
*Candice Douma, Bridgewater UMC
*Diane Collins, Lacey UMC
Pastor Wesley Ellis, First UMC of Toms River
*Jennifer Long, Oceanport UMC

*Debra Stewart, Pearl River UMC
*Dot Quick, Walnut Valley UMC
*Judy DiToma, Pearl River UMC
*Victoria Faux, Trinity UMC Bordentown
*Cathy Bishop, SUMC
*Amirah Kitchen, Ferry Ave UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
Rev. Taylor Claire Bean, UMC Madison and Drew University
*Jeneene Reduker, Medford UMC
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
Rev. Dawn Corlew, Waretown UMC
*Barbara Addon, Calvary UMC Dumont
*Sara Smialkowski, First UMC Toms River
*Dawn Berberian, Bridgewater UMC
*Johanna Baltimore, First UMC Somerville
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
*Barbara Lombardi, Middletown UMC
Rev. Brian Joyce, Trinity UMC Ewing
*Anonymous Laity Advocate
Rev. Bob Smith, Turnagain UMC
*Joyce Thompson, MUMC
*Jill Sayre Lawlor, Haddonfield UMC
*Anton Sgarro, UMC at New Brunswick
*Briana Laux, Parsippany UMC

(Updated 6/27 - 1300 Signatures)

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